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  1. Hi Andre, Once more I have problems with my boot process. And once more I dont know the reasons. Its probably at the end of the boot process, when the computer tries to connect to my router? I have uploaded the zipped etl-file to google drive. Perhaps you can help me to find the error? Many thanks in advance,
  2. Thankyou Andre, I stopped 3 services of Acronis and hope the problem is solved.
  3. Hi MagicAndrew, After I have installed a new disk I had a perfect boot performance. But since some time I have a new unknown problem with boot time delay. Shortly before the laptop connects to WLAN the bootprocess is obviously interrupted. Perhaps you have tip to solve the problem. The link to the zipped etl-file is attached. Manny thanks in advance Albert
  4. Thank you. I habe already solicited a bid. MfG
  5. no, you have 2 Seagate HDDs. You you were right.
  6. no, you have 2 Seagate HDDs. You were right.MfG
  7. no, you have 2 Seagate HDDs.
  8. no, you have 2 Seagate HDDs.
  9. I actually have two SSD?
  10. Hi Andrew, Removing Acronis tools actually solved my shutdown problem. Thank you. Perhaps I may ask you once more to shorten my laptop´s boottime. I couln´t yet identify the culprit who is responsible for a long, long boottime. So I made the corresponding etl file and uploaded to the Internet. I would appreciate your help in analyzing the boot trace log. The link I have sent to your personal email address. MfG Albert
  11. Thankyou Andrew. Done. Hope it works next time. MfG
  12. Hi Andrew, while having problems with shutting down my computer I have sent you a personal message and uploaded the the zipped etl-file, hoping that you can give me advice. Mit freundlichen Grüßen Albert
  13. While I tried to establish a link of a program(name is hotkey) on the desktop of my laptop the program icon did not show up on desktop but was exchanged by a void icon which normaly indicates that the link is invalid. How can I fix it?
  14. This morning I checked the PerformanceDiagnostics and got the following message: BootStartTime 2013-04-20T08:54:44.687200300Z BootEndTime 2013-04-20T08:57:45.898317400Z BootTime 89178 I thougt BootEndTime - BootStarttime=BootTime???
  15. Boot-time before : 222s Boot-time after: 198s Disabling bitlocker is not an option for me, because for whatever reason truecript does not work on my computer.