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  1. Hi, I'm wondering if there is any way to globally theme Metro apps. For example, by changing the default font, or making tiles have rounded corners, gradients, .... Some random thoughts: One possible way would be to modify ui-light.css and ui-dark.css. I don't know where the system copies of these reside, and I'm not sure whether each app has there own copy or not. This would apply to apps made with HTML + JS. I have no idea how to affect apps made with .NET or C++. Does anybody know details of the rendering pipeline? E.g. do all metro apps use the same (pseudo-HTML) engine underneath? In that case, the css would apply to them, too. Otherwise, we would have to find and hook the equivalent of UXTheme in Metro. Has anybody done any work on this? I can't find anything on the net (all you find are themes to make something look like Metro, not to modify Metro).