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  1. is it faster now? Yes, wake from sleep only takes a 1-2 seconds.
  2. Wow, that was easy, thank you. EDIT: UEFI BIOS Flash killed my mobo, and dual bios failed :( :( EDIT #2: Got board replaced same day from distributor with a GA-Z77X-UD5H , a board that costs WAY more
  3. Hi I was hoping someone could give me some feedback as to what is causing my HTPC to take ~20 seconds to wake from S3 sleep. I have no problems with entering S3 sleep, that only takes ~2 seconds. My system specs are : Win7 x64 / Intel i3-2100 / GA-Z68XP-UD4 / 12 GB RAM (4GB allocated as IMDisk RAM Drive) / 750GB System Drive / 4x 3TB Storage Drives / HVR 2200 PCI-E tv tuner / HD4670 1GB PCI-E Video card / MCE USB IR Receiver / USB Keyboard / USB Mouse / 1080P TV as display connected via DVI Attached is summary_sleep.xml Some additional information LMRemote - I use this to IR blast my audio receiver TVService - This is the tv part of mediaportal, an essential service for my HTPC Speedfan - I use this to keep my HTPC quiet Crystal Disk Info - I use this to monitor SMART data to warn me of potential HDD failure in advance MCEStandby Tool - Probably not necessary could try remove is causing problems MPTray - Could probably remove if causing problems Unified Remote - Would like to keep this, but can remove if problematic AVG Antivirus - Would like to keep this, but can remove if problematic Google Chrome - I see this featured a lot, I had google chrome open with 9 windows when I did this test, I could rerun the test without google chrome open if necessary Root/Legacy IMDISK - This is my 4gb ram drive, I could change to different ram drive software if this is a problem My HTPC software is Mediaportal, I don't require any of the windows media centre services if they are causing any problems Thank you Mike EDIT: I also disabled everything above except for AVG (I got access denied when I tried to stop the AVG services) and I reran the test, resume was slightly faster, but still almost 20 seconds long and way longer than my other PC which only takes 2 seconds to resume from standby. Attached is summary_sleep_clean.xml which are the logs with all the above services/applications disabled summary_sleep.xml summary_sleep_clean.xml