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  1. Hi there! I'm very new to PHP and everything that there is to it, but very eager to learn. I'm trying to do a very basic CMS(basicly all I'm trying to do is a way for me to add new posts to my blog without having to code anything, just new posts, I do not desire to change anything else via my "CMS"). Anyway, here's my issue(MySQL, btw!): I have a form. I want this form to add new rows in my table called "content". Which method should my form use? Also, what should I tell my database in order for my form to add into the row what is written into my inputs? Thirdly, how do I later call upon the content in the table to be used as a blog bost? This is the table: 1 id tinyint(3) UNSIGNED AUTO_INCREMENT PRIMARY 2 rubrik tinytext utf8_swedish_ci 3 text longtext utf8_swedish_ci 4 bild blob 5 timestamp timestamp CURRENT_TIMESTAMP