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  1. in another test victoria tellme Warning! Block start at 64 = 1031 ms i think the disk internally are fine only cant acces the data for that reason i think a firmware upgrade fixed that issue if somebody can helpme i apresiate that. i am a photographer and in this disk i have a lot of information very thanks.
  2. thanks jaclaz for your answer i test the disk with victoria and victoria recognize the disk in some description victoria tell me smart are disabled errlog selftest and security off,frozen when i go to test the disk victoria give me a message Block 0 error: ABRT i think maybe it become fixed with firmware
  3. hello friends i have a question please helpme... a few months ago i use this metod for recovery my seagate disk well after 3 o 4 months the disk become very slow and now i cant access to the disk i dont upgrade the firmware, windows cant access, the bios recognize the disk correctly when i connect to motheboard and reastart windows freeze or maybe need long time to start. please if somebody have the same problem and fix that i need to know how.. thanks