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  1. I cleaned the PCB connections but with no luck. I have to get back to you on the terminal. It may be a week or so I have to order a proper USB to TIL get it working. I can say its definitely not the 11 clicks. The HDD is not making that sound. Do you think there is any chance a data recovery professional can replace the heads to get the data back?
  2. I have a 7200.11 ST31000333AS Firmware LC15. It was working fine then I restarted the PC and the drive will not be recognized by the BIOS or PC. The symptoms are the drive will spin up and start to read data (it clicks but not the normal sound of a failing hdd) then spins back down. This repeats until unplugged. Here is a video of what it sounds like I'm am just looking for a seconded opinion before I act. Is this a BSY issue or something like a hard drive head? (I'm really hoping its a BSY issue) Thanks for any help.