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  1. yes both enter and R don't work but i can exit setup. Sorry if my first reply didnt make sense. Have you had the above or heard of the above issue?
  2. how does this even work...?? I have tried this over and over and still not running. I am trying to install XP on a net book (Acer aspire one) and it starts off fine but when it get to the Install options (Enter=Continue Installation of window xp, E=repair & F3=Exit) i am not able to make a selection at all.. Its like it doesn't even care about what i press on the keyboard unless its cancel "F3"and that just stuff up the entire install process... Has anyone had this issue and care to advise a resolution. P>S this is probably the 5 software I've try and still all fail. And I have my own XP key to use so... Thank you.