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  1. That may well be, but is not the same when i make taskbar Blur with other App. Giv not the same Blur as in your DWM and give not reflection. I miss it very...
  2. Thank God - he is finished. Now we wish very good business for BM...
  3. Ohhh nooo! I hope the Final comes this year. But RC2 it´s absolutely Downgrade! We need a Version for Win8.1 same "Glass8-1.2". Not more and in any case not less! Hmmmmm, RC1 was so far finished...
  4. Yes, same... Only the first "Prototype"-Version build a Glass-Effect.
  5. An attempt: Install Windows8 from DVD (or USB) first until the first reboot. Then format and copy your Image again. I used for Imagecopy (Backup) under WinPE the Tool SnapShot.
  6. @ORelio: Big Thanks for this Programm. Can you include a regulator for window frame-width? In Win8 very big. (This is the Key: HCU\Control Panel\Desktop\WindowMetrics-"PaddedBorderWidth".) I change Data to "-15" to small Size, same Win7. By Include a Key HCU\Software\Microsoft\Windows\DWM-"AnimationsShiftKey"=dword:00000001 you can show Windows-Animations (for example minimize) in Slow-Motion by holding the Shift-Key. regards Sorry for my englisch.