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  1. Extended Kernel for XP (ExtendedXP)

    Well, I also found that even the user piotrhn is working on a nt 4.0 compatibility layer using kex 3.5... I sent him my compiled dlls, maybe he will be able to get firefox 3.5 load
  2. Extended Kernel for XP (ExtendedXP)

    Wow, that's wonderful... If it will work, can I use it even for my project on windows nt 4.0? When I come back from holiday, I will try it.
  3. Windows NT 4.0 api wrapper

    Well, in these days I'm in vacations so I can't work to anything xD Next week I come back and I will work on it
  4. Windows Media Player 12

    Can you post a screen? Are there some dlls coloured in red?
  5. Windows NT 4.0 api wrapper

    NEWS: I was able to load windows media player 10.... It's a little buggy because there are some missing functions I have not added yet, but now it loads
  6. Windows NT 4.0 api wrapper

    Ok, I will try it by tomorrow. EDIT: I have rapidly tried it before going to bed and it has installed, but it throws me an "internal" error when I try to launch it. I looked with dependency walker and there are some missing functions to the dlls it calls, so in these days I will add them and see if it works.
  7. Windows NT 4.0 api wrapper

    Good news. In these days I worked on how to display characters correctly and finally I was able to display them correctly I had to updated some existing functions on gdi32.dll
  8. Extended Kernel for XP (ExtendedXP)

    Intel has announced Intel i9 with 18 core xD
  9. Windows NT 4.0 api wrapper

    Yes, I'm going to get it work. BTW I have a question to people who are using windows 2000 with the last blackwingcat's kernel... Does qbittorrent 3.3.12 (last version) work? It loads on windows NT 4.0 but it hangs to the first screen "legal information". I read somewhere that QT5 isn't compatible even with windows 2000, is it true? Tracing the error with ollydbg, it says me "CreateWindow() for QEventDispatcherWin32 internal window failed".
  10. Windows NT 4.0 api wrapper

    Well, I have tried ImportPatcher but it still doesn't work.There are no missing functions because I have added the missing ones. I think I need to update some existing functions like windows 98's kernelex does. I will work to it in these days. Yes, for now the best browser we can use is QtWeb 3.8.4 until I will be able to load the other browsers
  11. Windows NT 4.0 api wrapper

    Thanks, for example qupzilla 1.6.6 requires only a missing function in gdi32 (GetCharABCWidthI) and for now I have redirected it to GetCharABCWidthW. I'm going to write the function and see if it will change something. BTW yes I have a plan to do something even for windows NT 3.51 in the future, but for now I will focus on windows NT 4.0
  12. Windows NT 4.0 api wrapper

    Thanks, I hope I will be able to release something soon. Ok I will try to get them work. EDIT: I have tried Qupzilla 1.6.6 for now and it loads,although the characters are a little messy (I will work on it in these days) .
  13. Hello everyone, in the last past few months I have been working on a windows nt 4.0 api wrapper which can run softwares designed for new windows's version. I'm writing the functions in inline assembly (I'm using ida) and C. (There is also some code from reactos and wine). There are some issues with certain softwares, some don't load at all and some crash, so I can't release nothing for now. What are some software you use and you want to run on it? List me and I will try to get them work. Unfortunately firefox (the 3.5 version and newer), opera 12.18 and utorrent don't load even if I added the missing functions... They don't throw me any error, they simply don't load at all... Maybe I have to do something. I will investigate. Here, there are some software that load. Filezilla 3.8.1 (last version crashes, but I think I will be able to get it work) vlc 2.2.0 last version of 7-zip last version of Sumatra (it's a little buggy but it reads pdf).
  14. Resurrecting NT4 in 2016

    NT 4.0 is different from newer windows NT systems... It doesn't have plug and play and there is no device manager. you have to install vga driver from the display settings... click on "change". (where is written "cambia" on my picture, it is the italian version).
  15. Resurrecting NT4 in 2016

    You have to go to option folder and enable "show hidden files".