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  1. Okay i have managed to completely mess things up it seems. I also can't uninstall it for some reason, when i do, the installation of DVDSoft Free Youtube Downloader starts. So i am wondering how can i uninstall it manually? I am completely lost ;( //Thanks EDIT: Okay i actually solved it. This always happen when i finally make a post of something No idea how it came to be, but a file in my Users folder was called "The" and had no extension. It was actually the installation file for Youtube Downloader. And for some reason it was opened if i either tried to Uninstall StartisBack or change it's settings. I am guessing it came from my User name which is "The" with a blankspace after. No idea how it got there, know that i have seen it for a long while though, but didn't bother with it, just thought it was some "important" file. Just a mystery. Sorry for wasting your time:(
  2. That seem to have helped. I only seem to get DPC spikes now when i open videos some times. I guess it´s something with loading the codec or such. But it seems to only be at the load moment, which doesn´t affect anything i think. It can get up to 900+ it seems if i spam open.
  3. I will have to trace a longer time. Cause it should be worse than that from time to time. I get like 400, or something, but i don´t know from what. And i see that people have like 10-30 normally. Mine is pretty much at 70+. Here is another, i kept it going for a longer period this time. Thanks
  4. Okay, here it is.
  5. Sorry but what topic are you talking about here?
  6. I am having a bit of a problem with DPC latency. It´s nothing really serious, but i would like to track what´s causing it. I attached latencymon screenshots, hopefully that will help a bit. In Latencymon it goes from 10-30 to 70-90 from time to time, like every 2-3 sec, and i don´t know why. I tried disabling my NIC but that didn´t help. Also tried enabling HPET, but that changed it a bit, but not for the better, and my mouse became slowish. So i am out of ideas.