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  1. I have exactly the same problem. I've tried everything and it does not work. On my laptop with an Intel onboard graphich chip it works. On my desktop PC with an ATI (7750) it does not, tried also different drivers. Which graphic card do you have? AMD Radeon HD 7570
  2. Thanks for the suggestion ... went through all of them. Still nothing : (
  3. Tried that also ... still not working Is there a way to see why it is not working that I can post?
  4. Did that ... still nothing, also restarted for good measure
  5. Downloaded AGTweaker v1.3.1. When I run AGTweaker ... the screen blanks out for a second and then comes back but there is no transparency and no blur, nothing. It is as if AGTWeaker isn't isn't even running. Any help to diagnose this would be much appreciated!