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  1. Dencorso - 77.72 works great. I can't thank you enough!
  2. Thanks for the replies. Joe, "win" refreshes the screen for a split second, then just hangs with a blinking cursor. Dencorso - thank you! I'll reinstall Win98, load 77.72 and report back tonight.
  3. Hello folks, I'm brand new, so bear with me here! I'm trying to get a Dell Dimension 4400 running with Windows 98SE for vintage gaming. I noticed that whenever I "Reboot to MS-DOS mode", I can't get back into Windows (e.g. I type "exit", it just sits at "Windows is now restarting..." I went from a fresh Win 98SE install driver by driver and determined that once I install the ForceWare 81.98 drivers for the Nvidia GeForce 2 MX, it corrupts my ability to start Windows 98 from MS-DOS mode. Now, boot / rebooting normally into Windows is fine. Can someone please explain what's going on and how I can hopefully correct it? I'd like to learn. In case it matters, I have 1 GB RAM installed. Thanks again!