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  1. Hello Friends here, At first thanks you all who supports that forum. Thanks to admin who edited me here. I am Gela From Zugdidi, Georgia. Georgia is near to Turkey from south and Russia from north. Also we have black sea. I hope i will get enjoy here. best regards, gelapir
  2. thanks mates. i will take close ur advise and be carefull.
  3. Hello Friends, I need you advise and help: i have asus laptop k55a series and i would to flash my bios i have new bios update downloaded from the asus web site, also have bootable usb. to update bios is very specific and need more careful so for that i need ur help. Thanks in advanced.
  4. thanks and can explain me if it is possible to change english in russian when it is instaleed? if i have english windows installed how to change display language? thanks in advanced.
  5. thanks friend.
  6. Hello friends, Can u give me poor windows xp russian version to download please? thanks