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  1. With what RC versiion will the every 1 hour beta popup finally be removed? It makes full screen gaming literally impossible. Release candidates generally means the software is no longer beta anyway so I really don't see the point..............................................................
  2. Can somebody tell me if the demo popup is still in the latest v0.9? Thanks.
  3. Yeah sorry about not specifying the black transparency. I think the issue lies with WSB however. When I try exporting the top image (JumpListUser) the image always comes out with full opacity, no matter how many times I try importing the 50% transparency image. I even tried using the image that's working on the bottom part but I get the same issue. Saving as a 32bit bmp and converting to png didn't work either. If you have a theme where the transparency works and you don't mind sharing I'd love to take a look, if not I'm ready to PM you my theme if your offer about taking a look still stands. Thanks!
  4. I see this as the bug in the theme and not in the aeroglass utility. It's ported directly from my Windows 7 theme which does not have this issue so I don't think the issue is with my theme. Others are having a similar issue albeit with a hack workaround: http://vistastylebuilder.com/forum/index.php?topic=1832.msg10279#msg10279 Thanks
  5. I'm getting a jump list glitch that does not occur in Windows 7: Is there any chance of this getting fixed? Or is it a fundamental issue with Windows 8? Also, I'm working on a Windows 8 theme utilizing your glass utility, do you have a rough estimate of when we can be expecting a usable beta? Thank you!