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  1. Destination PC is Ebox 3310, HD is 2Gb SD Card, Rufus Version1.3.2, nLite Version1.4.9.1 - Not sure what else I can elaborate on - Please tell me what else to include. Thanks for replying anyway Sub
  2. Hi, I am trying to build a simple Windows XP Pro 32bit installer for a CD-less device I have tried building the image from 3 different original XP disks - SP1, SP2 & SP3, (I am using rufus to create bootable USB sticks with an nLite ISO) even with all features enabled when I attempt to install Windows it thinks it is an upgrade version and fails becasue there is no old OS to upgrade from, unfortunately even if there is an old OS it wants to delete the partition and still fails. Anyone had this problem? Got any ideas? PS the disks are not upgrade versions, I have used each of them before without issue. Thanks