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  1. Thanks both. Harshad's method has worked great and let me port over my RunOnceEx commands from my unattended Windows XP. I'm not sure what this bit of the code is for though. I left it out of my setupcommands.cmd.
  2. Hello from Birmingham in sunny (yeah right) England. I work as an IT Technician for a non-profit in the city and have found msfn's guide to unattended windows, , absolutely invaluable to my work, enabling me to get loads of PCs ready for use without having to do the run around between them all. Now I'm looking to do the same but for Windows 7, which we need for some purposes currently and may migrate our other PCs to later this year, and have joined up to get some advice on such.
  3. How can I automatically install software directly from a customized Windows 7 DVD? I know that I can run installers either from an unattend xml file or using a batch script, but all examples I've seen have involved first copying the installers to the hard drive, which I want to avoid due to disk space constraints on some target PCs.