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  1. One point, when installing XP using your update nlited to XP, is it normal for the cmd.exe window to flash up around 6-7 times very fast times during the install. It doesn't happen when installing XP SP3 using a clean disk.
  2. When integrating these files to a new XP build as described on page 1, is it as safe as the official Intel method which is described in the drivers readme.txt using: like $OEM$\$1\Drivers\AHCI Nlite differs from what Intel instructs as how to manually integrate the drivers. Is this as safe as using Intel's method??
  3. So is the Win98se Scandisk.exe file for DOS safe to run in 'real-mode dos' on data above >137G. I can't use WinME one.
  4. Are you able to edit and manipulate your tcpip settings and the stack in general when remote registry service is disabled? Yes, I needed to set up a static IP address and a different gateway. It works when the remote registry service is disable.(I always disable it).
  5. Strange, I tested this on my fresh install of a win2k sp4 system with the remote registry service disabled, it works the same as if enabled. Nic drivers.
  6. omnifs.exe from symantec Ghost is another tool that allows NTFS access from DOS/Win98.
  7. If you have Paragon Hard Disk Manager Pro 8, use the option to make a recovery CD. On the image will be a dos.img file, extract the contents with winimage and you can use the UFSD(Universal file system driver) the version I use is 5.02 (Jun 24 2005). It works perfectly in Dos and Win98. Enables NTFS read/write support, even allows Ext2/3 support and long file names in pure dos. To get it working you only need to add CWSDPR0.EXE and NDOS.exe to your autoexec.bat before booting windows.
  8. Basically they're saying1. Do not use Fdisk on drives > 512Gb. 2. Use the WinME boot disk, i.e. use the Fdisk on it, to partition the > 512Gb drive. Two solutions: 1. Mod the WinME Fdisk to support up to 2 terabytes (could be difficult, depending on how this problem manifests itself in the code, but keeps everything else M$) 2. Use Free Fdisk and if necessary, modify it (easier since it's open-source). Your choice, I can do either one. It is strange as their is only 1 fdisk.exe on Winme setup cabs, they all have the same md5 as used on the Winme boot-disk. The only other thing I can think was that the MS article means to boot the computer with the Winme CD and use the windows setup/install GUI to partition the disk. I don't have a WinmeCD so can't check if it works.
  9. Don't know if this had been posted before, but the >64GB win98se fdisk and the WinME fdisk.exe have a maximum single partition limit of 512GB. It will alow you to partition bigger but can cause corruption. http://support.microsoft.com/?kbid=280737 Shame with 750GB drives out already, as I alwayds used the Winme fdisk.exe as a 100% safe standard over free-fdisk and the others.
  10. I have used a 400GB Hitachi SATA disk with realmode dos 7.1(98se) and have not found any corrupt files. 290GB of the disk is used . I don't run scandisk and replaced it with chkdsk from the latest rom-dos (2005 version).
  11. the filename for the 30 day free trial is "VPC_51_Trial.exe" google it you should find some links.
  12. Connectox VPC 5.1 is in my opinion better than Microsoft's VPC2004 as it is much much faster to run dos games on. Apart from that it is nearly the same with features. Connectix Virtual PC 5.2 was the last one and is the best for an NT based system but doesn't support win9x. Get the free Connectix VPC 5.1 demo for win9x.
  13. odd, The only application people have told me that has not worked is win3x, what other dos programs don't work in dos7.1.??? Every dos game and applications I have used since 1991 on Dos 5 all work 100% on realmode Dos7.1. I want to open Windows Me DOS 8 IO.SYS file with an hex editor to change some ASCII strings (which is possible in Dos7.1 Io.sys), but the file seems to have been compressed with an unknown (for me) utility. It's compressed because it has half size than previous versions.
  14. What did Microsoft do(probably on purpose) to stop win3.1 from running under dos7.1, I take it this is known as their is a fix out. Also does anyone know what MS has done to stop hex editing of the WinMe (dos 8) IO.SYS. Can it be unpacked or is it enccypted?