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  1. HookFlag 0-13 -> no black screen 14-15 -> black screen
  2. i tried with switching to my CPU's GPU Intel Core i3-2100(HD Graphics 2000), removed the nvidia drivers and installed the intel driver from windows update and no more black screens(no on login, no on window drag over the taskbar).
  3. when i read your comp conf. i realized that it maybe a nvidia driver bug. what driver version are you running. i am with latest nvidia beta drivers 320.00 on my NVIDIA Geforce GTX 460 SE
  4. here is mine log's with NoFillPath (DWORD 0x1) and the latest debug dll from your post. debug.txt threads.txt
  5. i have a problem with 0.91(RC0). when i drag a window and it starts to enter taskbar space i get a black screen. even on autohide taskbar when it is 1 pixel when window crosses it - instant black screen. with v0.9(beta3) i don't have this problem. sorry for bad English.