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  1. Submix8c: thanks. So on a side note, The utility MS uses to build their SFXCAB packages is not publically available yet right? I ask because at times the third party program I mentioned produces errors. Thanks again guys for all the help.
  2. The reason for IPD is better compression ratio compared to LZX. It seems as if SFXCAB Substitute does things in a way that forces the user to use the stub. So at this point there is no eay to compress a file with the delta compression so that expand.exe can decompress it?
  3. Interesting... so how do I go about making IPD compressed files compatible with expand.exe?
  4. Correct. That is the software and that is the problem. The CAB file is just a CAB file. The ._p file is the one I cannot decompress. That is the file compressed with IPD.
  5. Thank you for those 2 articles. I've attached a smaple CAB file to show what I get when I compress with IPD compression. Let's focus on the expansion/extraction only. Let me begin by elaborating more about the process I am using and the errors I receive. So I use this third-party software to comrpess using IPD and I am given an EXE self-extracting file. Then I remove the stub from the EXE and I'm left with a CAB file that has the following contents: _sfx_.dll_sfx_0001._p_sfx_manifest_So if I try to extract this CAB using the EXPAND.EXE given above, I get the following error: Expanding File TEST.CAB Incomplete, Error Code=0x80004001Error Description: Not implementedWhat am I doing wrong here? I did not replace the files given above in my computer's system folder, rather, I made a small test folder in my C:\ drive with all the files that were in the download above. I would like to be able to extract/expand on an XP machine without having to restart PC in safe mode, replace system files with downloaded above files, restart computer, then begin extraction. Any ideas as to what I'm doing missing here? Thanks guys. sample.cab
  6. Thank you so much! Now let me ask, what would be the proper Microsoft tool to do the IPD compression? As I said, I use a third-party piece of software now but if possible I'd rather use Microsoft's intended utility.
  7. I've read that article and it also mentions that the expand.exe in the Windows AIK should also work but I am alwasys given an error when trying to extract. I do not have the Microsoft SFXCAB builder tool (nor do I know where to get it). I am using a third party software called SFXCAB Substitute which makes SFXCAB EXE's. Does anyone have the extract.exe program from the Vista OPK? Or perhaps the proper tool from Microsoft to compress files using IPD?
  8. Hello everyone, I'm trying to do some testing and repackaging of some files and I've been trying to use the latest IPD compression that Microsoft uses in their hotfixes/updates. Does anyone have the tool that is used to make these files? I have found a third-party software application that can supposedly create these IPD-compressed files but then the problem is that I can't find the correct version of EXPAND.EXE to decompress the files. Could someone help me out with this dilemma? Thanks.
  9. Good morning MSFN! I need a little help with this one. I need to build/get a computer to install NT4 workstation on. I want to know what the fastest possible processor would be that NT4 could use? My old computer had an AMD Athlon 64 X2 4800+ on an ASUS A8V mobo and it did just fine with NT4. But that machine died 9 months ago. So from that old computer, I know that NT4 can recognize multi-core processors without problems. So my guess is that the issue of compatibility and support will depend on the motherboard and availability of drivers more than anything else, right? I'm pretty sure NT4 also won't support PCI-E so that should limit my possibilities some as well. If anyone could give me some ideas with this one that would be so great. This is going to be the fastest machine with the leanest OS for all my business, mathematical,banking, etc. needs. I'm asking this now because I'd like to build this before the latest and greatest parts for NT4 are impossible to find anymore. Thanks!