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  1. Turns out it was a corrupt profile, I remade my user profile and boot time returned to normal.
  2. Awhile ago I ran into some issues with using patched files to apply custom themes, which resulted in a black flashing screen at boot... which led to me refreshing windows 8.1. But now my boot and shutdown times are much much slower than before so I thought you could help. Thanks.
  3. Oh I misunderstood the article. I will report back with results.
  4. From I understand that the Enterprise Rollup contains every update available through Windows Update since SP1. If I regularly update using Windows Update, would the rollup still be necessary?
  5. That helped. Thank you.
  6. Hello, Due to my laptop taking up to 6 minutes to boot, I decided to debug it. I came across this thread and just made a boot trace and took a look at it, and I found that the "WSearch Start" service is taking an extremely long time to load. Is there any fix to this issue? I believe that disabling the service would effectively cripple my system's searching speed. Here is the boot trace if you require it: