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  1. I'm trying to find lazy a way to not replace xp, after spending time in imagination land i came up with a few ideas and I wonder if any of them are possible. I used xp x64 for music/image/video production and web browsing. I need your input in those set up plans I have no knowledge about. Could any of them be a working solution? With virtualization : - Could I run linux and virtualize xp to use the software with little to no hit on performance? This way internet wouldnt reach xp - Could I run xp and virtualize linux for internet? in which xp would not have internet (no present drivers on disk) but linux would? Is there any way internet could reach that computer even with internet connection sharing done through a second computer used as a anti-virus/firewal distro (either with linux/win7/win8) could it eliminate the xp security risks? If the answer to all those scenario is a straight no. I will go mourn and bring flowers to xp's tombstone.
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