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  1. Can you add glow to the text too?Or i have something else to do to make it work? I changed the TextGlowMode to 1,2,3 but i get no glow..
  2. Can't download it @oomek Nice touch though!
  3. May i ask you something? Is it possible to use Aero Glass but still don't have "aero" windows? With Aero Glass enabled,the problem with windows 8 themes that have that rectangle in the titlebar, is not there anymore. And i ask if it is possible to eliminate the glass effect! Or at least make it as opaque as it goes! And what changes i have to do to make the unfocus window (the one that is not in the front) get the same colour with the one in front? Thank you and Happy 2014 to everyone! My best wishes to all!
  4. You must patch your system and use a custom VS for this. You can try this It has 3 option for min, max, close buttons (2 of aero and one default windows 8.1 style)
  5. I can't understand from your screenshot cause your windows are coloured blue. What i want is, when i remove the colour -move the colour intensity bar to the far left side- the windows to be glassy like the taskbar!Without the white tint. Like his VitsaModern8Mix VS.. .
  6. Can you make this, but with the windows being the same colour with taskbar?If you remove all the colours from the colorization panel the window is kinda whiteish..Though the taskbar is clear glass!Can you make the same with windows?And maybe keep the colour in min,max,close buttons!Or remove that too, i am just sayin..
  7. How did you add aero stripes mate? This is flawless!!
  8. Running 1.2 for Windows 8 in a dual monitor setup and i have no problem!
  9. Yeah mate the use of AGTweaker was the reason for me having problems with swatches. I tried it with a fresh install and all works good! Do you know what registry settings should i change to make it work properly on my other machine? I could do a repair too cuz the system is new so if you don't there is no problem
  10. @MrGRiM I tried your new installer and i have a problem that the colours in the colorization menu don't match.. For example when i choose the yellow my windows turn green. Green is light blue etc. It happened with the previous version too!When using AGTweaker to change them all works good but with the installer of @DosProbie i didn't have the same problem. If this is a problem and i should change colours from AGTweaker only.. @Yes bigmuscle you have a point... I don't know how to remove this so i just edit it to say i apologize
  11. It talks to me :D Thank you for this!
  12. Forgive my stupidity, but how i make this work? I downloaded the installer and i installed it... What else i have to do?Is there a "how to" somewhere? Thanks for your work bigmuscle and everyone else who might helped with this.. Ok i made it work with some search here... In the final version a how to would be awesome i guess cuz there are many dumbheads like me out there.. Perfect job the default style seems so pretty with aero! I like more this style than the windows 7 one..