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  1. Thanks for the response! Will try disabling devices one by one, WOL is already off. Out of curiosity, how did you find the ACPI.sys!OSNotifyDeviceWake was the issue? Didn't see that in the log, but of course don't know where to look. Thanks again!
  2. Attached here: Thanks for any help!
  3. My computer recently stumbled heavily from latency issues, as described almost perfectly here: I followed the instructions, and found that the problem was ACPI.SYS and in particular ACPIDevicePowerDpc, ACPIInterruptServiceRoutineDPC and APCIInterruptDispatchEventDPC were causing an entire core of my CPU to constantly be consumed with handling DPC/ISR events (shown below). However, I have no idea what these relate to (perhaps the power button???) or more importantly, how to fix this issue. Does anyone have an idea? Any help appreciated.