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  1. I joined the insider fast program to get updates for this as quick as possible. I follow On MSFT (formerly WinBeta) and Windows Central in Nextgen Reader and Facebook on my phone and computers so trust me, when something new comes out, I know about it. I didn't join the "FAST" ring to "slow" things down.
  2. The point went right over your head. This isn't about "blocking updates" or "choosing when to install them" for those OUTSIDE of the Insider Preview. When you opt-in to it, you are already under the impression that updates are going to come through and you should install them unimpeded. Comparing apples to oranges. There is absolutely NO point in blocking updates from coming through if you are opted into the program. That makes no sense, whatsoever. If you want those updates to stop, then OPT OUT and wait to get them like everyone else.
  3. LOL. You opt-in to the insider program, it installs updates like its supposed to and then you want it to ask you permission to do it??? It's doing its job. It's doing what you already gave it permission to do when you clicked the button to join the insider program and selected the fast ring. Also, cumulative updates require a restart. Your PC restarted at some point after 14393.5 was installed. Oh, and 14393.31 is going to possibly be the next version we get later this week or even on 8/2.
  4. Here you go, Bukket. Its a pinned post for this board.
  5. Lol....let's get something straight. I don't *NEED* these apps. They are here for convenience. Yes, weather is on a website. So is Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, etc. I use the apps for convenience and for how they look. The new Facebook app coming out for Win10 soon should be real nice. Twitter had a nice clean overhaul and I love the UI of the Weather app. I also use Prism Bill Pay for paying ALL of my bills in one place. There is no website for their service. There are hundreds of thousands of apps out there that people use because they prefer it over the website version or because of the app's convenience or even that it may work on their phone as well. Anyway, this thread is getting derailed...I did not post about the modernframe bugging out so we could start a flame war on modern apps and why we should/shouldn't use them. I posted it to show BM so we may look toward a fix to help make his AG utility look more "first-party" to Windows 10. So back on topic, please.
  6. Not helpful. BM developed it and requests feedback on it. I give it and you tell everyone to stop using it? You know how much sense that makes? Not sure if trolling. A lot of the apps I use are beneficial. It's 2016 and we can't have a Windows UI that's uniform? I, of course, blame Microsoft for all of this. Thousands have told MS what we want and what needs to be fixed (in regards to Aero and the rest of the UI) and its ignored. Ive even tweeted Gabe AND got a response from him asking for screenshots of people who want Aero. I showed him, then got nothing back. Hell, we STILL can't even use custom themes without some BS hacks, third-party services, etc.
  7. This is not the same case. The hamburger menu in Groove & Photos is NOT built-in to the Titlebar. For a better example of what I mean, check the Facebook app, Prism Bill Pay, etc. If you click in the corner where the hamburger menu should be, the menu itself shows but no actual icon. Clicking blank space basically.
  8. I honestly never noticed it until earlier today. Either way, I dont think that is intended behavior.
  9. Here's another fun one...anyone else notice that with the ModernFrame.dll in use, the hamburger menu disappears on modern apps? Here's an example on the Facebook app.
  10. Yeah that's pretty much what I get. Works fine and even worked fine earlier. Then I started getting all my stuff open for work and it started screwing around.
  11. That may be true Noel, but I know I didn't have this issue before I applied Aero Glass....which is why I thought it would be appropriate to bring it up here. So I'm not quite sure what to do about this other than hope BM has an answer for it.
  12. So now you is not because of Cyberfox or because of Skype. I am, like johns, not using Classic Shell. I dont know exactly what causes the issue but I am glad you guys were able to replicate the problem so hopefully we can get a fix.
  13. Cyberfox broke Skype? Lmao gtfo sir. I'm interested to see what Noel or BigMuscle have to say about this.
  14. Cyberfox you say? Larger: What say you sir? Skype is broken too? That argument is no longer valid.
  15. Alright, I got it. Here it is. As you can see, the start menu is showing stuff BEHIND Cyberfox. Here's the link for a bigger view: