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  1. So I have Installed Service Pack 1 but there is absolutely no effect. Any more ideas?
  2. Dear MagicAndre1981 (replied at sysinternals as well), I understand there are graphic issues, the problem is that this driver: is not compatible with my computer. As I said in the Additional Information, ASUS has a special controller between the intel and nvidia card, making official nvidia drivers not even install. To overcome this issue some people did release supposedly stable 260.xx drivers, I have tried them and they make the issue even worse. The strange thing is that I have been using this laptop for 3-4 years and did quite a lot of re-installs. ProcessExplorer was always a must in the system, and this is the first time I am seeing this issue. Could it be a Directx update that is causing the issue? If so how can I use and older version of Directx? Best, Guguma
  3. Dear All, I am running Windows 7 Professional 64-bit on an ASUS UL50VT laptop (I will write in detail why this laptop model is a little strange, please see information after the dash line). Long story short process explorer reports and almost constant CPU usage by Interrupts/DPC's of 20%. For a snapshot of ProcessExplorer please see the image in the provided link: PE Snapshot So I ran xperf (for about 2 minutes), but to my surprise neither DPC's nor Interrupts show a CPU use close to 20%. Please see the etl file in the link provided: Interrupts/DPC.etl So what is going on here, I am utterly confused, and your help is greatly appreciated. If you are interested in the history of the issue and what I have tried before please see additional information below. ADDITIONAL INFORMATION ---------------------------------------------------------------- I must confess that before posting here I have done these tests before, and in the etl files I could see my nvidia drivers being problematic. UL50VT has 2 display adapters One Intel and an NVIDIA G210M, and uses an ASUS proprietary technology to switch between the 2 and ASUS stopped driver support for these in 2009. Some people managed to build custom driver packages and I was using one of those. When I had that driver package I did run the same routine tests and the nvidia drivers were problematic (it showed clearly in the etl file). Now I have gone back to the official ASUS drivers, and when I saw process explorer reporting similar interrupt use I tried a billion things to fix the issue. I disabled usb ports from the bios, and network adapters and audio drivers, but to no awail. I tried a bunch of drivers for all components (all official ASUS drivers). A couple of full reinstalls of the system but this issue with interrupts was not resolved. But now that xperf does not show any interrupt/dpc use but process explorer reporting almost constant %20 use I am seriously confused and your help is greatly appreciated. ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Best, -Guguma