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  1. Well, the only thing that Aeroglass is not, is "freeware". It is not free as in "freedom", nor it is free as in "free beer". It is a crossbreed between "nagware".and "donationware", but at the end it is a "shareware" in the "nagware" form. There is nothing inherently "bad" in a "nagware", the tool is the result of Bigmuscle's work , and he has all the rights in the world (plus one) to manage the distribution and donation, and amount of nagging and pretty much anything else related to his tool whichever way he sees fit , but let's call things with their name. jaclaz Yes, exactly! This has been annoying for quite some time. There is excessive, and blatant even, misleading misuse of these terms of "donations" and "freeware." I understand BigMuscle wants to make money, fine, whatever, its his right to do so, and there's nothing wrong with that at all, but I can't really accept the way he exploits the word "donation". At it's core its nagware, and it's not really donations either, because the money is used for removing the nagging for the user. If the donation is truly for development, that's all it should be. Perhaps some added "perks", but restoring artificially limited functionality (removing the nagging) shouldn't be one of them. tl;dr Don't beat around the bush. Yes you want money, we're happy to give it to you, just stop calling things it's not. -Also this is coming from a paying customer, and I'm saying this out of love. /rant Also unrelated note: The GUI app works so far with no problems. It's working great so far Bigmuscle.
  2. What conditions are you talking about? Its not loading for me either, and I don't get any errors in debug.log
  3. The Microsoft symbol server looks like its down, and I am unable to download the symbols...
  4. Thank you for the update