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  1. I see. Thanks bledd.
  2. Antivir popped up a warning when I first extracted icons.exe from the 7z archive.
  3. Gosh, don't force yourself, betas can wait even a month or 2, like Firefox. Don't trade your health for a non-life-and-death deadline!
  4. Yeah for me npptools is the only dll needed. I guess WinPcap and wc3banlist provided the rest of what was needed.
  5. Do not remove npptools.dll (I believe it's part of Network Monitor) if you use WinPcap for any reason (I use it for wc3banlist). Took me a while before I discovered how to decompress NPPTOOLS.DL_ from my un-nlited xp-sp2-ryanvm-ed XP source.
  6. Or we could have 2 installers, an 'XPized' version of XPize, and another one with all the nifty software bundled. It actually saves server bandwidth if more people download the former. B)
  7. I think for people with different systems, they need to experiment with a range of values, say 18 - 22.
  8. The new bootscreen needs some colour. Would it show the animated loading bar from the default XP bootscreen if I remove the /noguiboot flag from boot.ini?