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  1. How cares what you get. I am in this thread all the time, because it's fun to read / watch the donation bullying...
  2. NoelC we can all choose to use windows 8 and aero glass, and it works perfectly after you have been made to donate... NOTES: Aero Glass is loaded with sh-t if you don't donate... I would like to use Aero Glass without all the sh-t that cames with it, BUT i don't want to donate, i want it for FREE... :w00t:
  3. Pixel Eater All Fun And Jokes Aside, the real problem is went MS took the p-ss, and removed aero glass and start menu, no one was willing to let windows 8 fail, we now have to pay / donate for aero glass and a start menu for windows 8, which you have to pay for as well. If i was going pay / donate for aero glass and a start menu for windows 8, i would PAY MS for the real deal... NOTES: So now people have to pay / donate three time, for a Frankenstein Windows 7/8, what a P-SS TAKE. :lol: May need to donate again for aero glass after PC upgrades what a P-SS TAKE. :lol:
  4. Pixel Eater Transparent effect is native to windows 8 Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00[HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\DWM]"ColorizationGlassAttribute"=dword:00000002Than use WinSet cmd to make it stable. #NoTrayIcon#NoEnvLOOP{WinSet, Transparent, 254, AWinWaitNotActive,}OR #NoEnvLOOP{WinSet, Transparent, 254, AWinWaitNotActive,}What could be more native (Real Aero Glass)… :lol:
  5. NoelC Yes i have stop using Aero Glass. But still like to watch / read the circus about Aero Glass, which has no more usefulness other than eye candy, which is why i laugh so much at all the fuss about Aero Glass and Donations. NOTES: IF you want Aero Glass use windows 7 (it has real Aero Glass) which will not break… :lol: OR Install fake Aero Glass on windows 8 than make a Donation and be happy with your Frankenstein Windows 7/8 until it breaks… ,
  6. Donations furthering the development of Aero Glass, DosProbie Please stop making me laugh so much... :lol: :lol: , Aero Glass is still the same as it was weeks ago. ~ace2
  7. Adobe Flash Player is implemented in Windows 8 (or IE 10/11, I'm not sure). ?
  8. Complete and Fully Working (Based on Post #9):
  9. Post #9 Pic update:
  10. No.
  11. I am with you Noel, I run Classic as well and can't see much difference. ~DP Its awesome because its portable & needs no injection into explorer, or a running explorer, & no need for taskbar, & works on a non-clickable desktop, & works with MY NEW TEST SETUP (Post #9).
  13. 'Wow! That is awesome! Thank you for sharing
  14. Post #9: Pic Updates1: Pic update2: