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  1. I fixed my problem!! To stop the spikes in Latmon i had to factory reset the BIOS, then go back and turn off SpeedStep, C1E Support, and C-STATE. These were all already turned off, but a factory reset on the BIOS and turning them back off again solved my 30 second spike problem in DPClat. Even then I still had problems with LatMon, but I finally found out that the latency problem and the "Your system seems to have difficulty handling real-time audio and other tasks." error message was being caused by the "power" startup service!! disabling this service in msconfig means I now have no more problems, and im finally rid of that damned error msg!! Still, Big thanks to MagicAndre for taking a look at my results and helping me route out that this was not a driver problem!
  2. Hi Andre. Thanks for the quick reply. its appreaciated! Seems odd because i am getting spikes in both Latmon and DPClat. I have installed sp1 and run the tests again. I have PM'd you the results. I have included screenshots of DPC and LatMon. I have seen a slight improvment in my results after raising the virtual memory, if you still see no spikes do you think these spikes could be RAM related? I ask because when i remove one of my sticks of ram i get a black screen which seems odd. Anyway hope you can offer me some advice because i have spent over 30 hours now trying to get to the bottom of this. Thanks
  3. Hi Andre. I have spent 3 days trying to figure out the cause of my latency spikes, I hope you can help me. I am getting 200-1900us spikes every 30 seconds and have tried everything to find out the cause I have sent you the .etl, the only possible problem i see is with svchost, is this where my problem lies? If you can help ill be in your debt, these spikes are killing me!