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  1. I guess the proper way to deal with this problem is to disable the sound card in the BIOS altogether and equip a PCI soundcard. Or simple not to install the VIA USB 2.0 drivers at all. Try using the NUSB unofficial USB 2.0 drivers here:
  2. Can you test any other video card? Maybe it is broken....
  3. The 8x.xx uninstallers are broken, I should have mentioned that :/ Weird to see the Direct3D errors, DxDiag works fine with my MX440. I think it might have something to do with the VIA chipset in you motherboard, are all the VIA drivers installed correctly? Especially the GART driver which provides proper AGP support.
  4. I've noticed that in the Device Manager, the driver date listed in the components' driver properties is taken from the modification date of the .INF, not the DriverVer value inside the .INF file, like it does on WinXP. So when I want to modify the INF file while keeping the modified date intact, I would have to use the TOUCH.EXE utility. Is is a normal behaviour or a bug? Why did then driver manufacturers bothered to include DriverVer in Win9x only drivers (not hybrid ones like Realtek AC97 ones)? Does Win95 and WinME behave in the same way? (I know it's purely cosmetic but does get in the way for me at least )
  5. For NVIDIA Geforce 440 MX use ONLY the 45.23 drivers, not other version. This version gives SIGNIFICANTLY better performance and eliminates ANY problems associated with later drivers, especially the 8x.xx drivers. This conclusion is based on my experience with the exact same card. Get them from this direct link:
  6. If it's x86 and not ARM, it will work, including popular Asus EEE PC's and other netbooks with x86 Intel Atoms. 98SE does not care about anything other than x86 architecture. (And so does MS-DOS which which is a part of 98SE)
  7. RLoew's USB Mass Storage Driver is simpler, and doesn't modify any system files. Also no unnecessary (IMO) HOTPLUG.EXE. And it's language independent. GeForce 7950GT 256MB AGP (or PCI-E) with the unofficial 82.69 drivers is the best GPU for 98SE. 1GB RAM is the maximum for 98SE without paid patches from RLoew. SATA Patch from RLoew is a must for proper SATA speeds/compatibility. CPU doesn't matter, any x86-64 CPU works with 98SE, go for the best. MoBo - look for a Socket 775 one with Award BIOS, no AMI, it causes problems.
  8. MaxPhysPage=20000 is all you need for get rid of this message, no need to destroy the OS.
  9. Do you have a USB flashdrive? Can you check if MoBo support USB booting? You could run the installation from USB, rather than from CD.
  10. Try using older versions of the driver/utility.
  11. I have some problems like: (can only think of these at the moment) 1. Shutdown to MS-DOS from Shutdown menu not working. 2. DX-Ball has no text at all Both are fixed when using 7x.xx drivers.
  12. I wonder if the 7xxx series would work on 77.72 drivers. I generally have some problems with using 8x.xx drivers with my 6600GT AGP 128MB card, but maybe you'll be luckier! It all depends on the card itself.
  13. MSI Bioses are crap, my nForce 550 MoBo was a MSI one, barebones as it gets, there wasn't even a switch to turn SATA to legacy! I guess this applies also to 98SE compatible MSI MoBo's.
  14. Mostly to Nomen: Looking at how I can run 98SE on my Lenovo IdeaPad Z510 with a i3-4000M CPU, and on a nForce 550, it all comes down to these things: 1. Chipset drivers are useless if they do not have any registry entires, or dedicated .sys files (like GART). You mostly won't need them! 2. I was able to fully shutdown/restart with no problems on Z510, and on a nForce 550. "setup /p i" is your friend. 3. USB is handled fully by NUSB, no matter how new the computer is. No need for special USB drivers from manufacturer. 4. VBEMP is your friend when no GPU drivers are available. You can even run UT99 (and DX-Ball ) with VBEMP, I did that! I didn't need any bridge drivers, it just worked with my PCI-E GPU's (Radeon HD5670 and GT 220) 5. Try to use the Win2K or NDIS2 driver for onboard Ethernet if possible, they might work. (if no Win98 drivers available of course) 6. Remove ESDI_506.pdr to use the 16-bit file transfer mode in not-safe mode. This is if you don't want to buy the SATA patch, and are willing to have slow file transfers, and overall slower experience. 7. Yellow marks are useless, just ignore them! (or disable as many onboard devices in the BIOS to get rid of some of them) 8. All(?) ASRock MoBo's of this era, uses an AMI BIOS, which is not great. I have an ASRock K8Upgrade-NF3 MoBo in my 98SE setup, and I'm not fully satisfied by it. I wish I've picked up something different. I'm now growing more dislike towards ASRock, though I liked them just like you.
  15. While trying to answer Nomen's question, I've accidentally found this site: Might be useful, or not.