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  1. Oh, so that's why I never seen full 4096MB of RAM in SYSDM.CPL, it was always a random number in the range you've specified...more details about what changes this number? I'm interested.
  2. Many boards to choose from.
  3. Smart Watch running a Raspberry Pi running an ARM processor, running Linux, which is running a x86 emulator running DOS 7.1 running Windows 98SE. We must go deeper.
  4. 7900 GTX is the fastest GPU for 98SE, period, here's a world record of 3DMark2001 SE under 98SE (not mine ofc, I wish ): PCI-E cards work fine under 98SE, I've successfully installed VBEMP (a generic drivers for 98SE for all cards, similar to the Basic Adapter on Windows 8/8.1/10) on a GeForce GT 220, Radeon HD5670, and Intel HD Graphics 4000 on my laptop under 98SE. So with official drivers 82.69, the 7xxx will work flawlessly. And don't tell me they are not official, NVIDIA made the DLLs! The only unofficial part is the mixing of different versions of the files, and INF modification to add all Device IDs. It's a pet peeve of mine. 7950GT is the best AGP card, period, having the same performance as the 7800GTX 512MB. And is probably the best bet if you don't want to use a PCI-E motherboard.
  5. Well, 3DMark03 version 360 is broken under 98SE, and works only if you remove SystemInfo, install KernelEx, and use the -nosysteminfo switch. You won't get the pretty system summary anymore. 3DMark03 version 350 on the other hand, works out of the box without KernelEx or any tweaks, the SystemInfo works fine on this version too, showing pretty system summary. So yes, patches made for 9x compatible software can screw up 9x lovers. Of course, new patches are only needed if you want to play on the, ranked preferably. If single player, just use the older patch.
  6. No drivers, too new. Best bet is to use the HP T5720. It has all the drivers for 98SE. Might want to replace its internal flash drive with a CompactFlash adapter, or even a regular hard drive, people have modded these extensively, google it. Technically, it doesn't have a soldered processor, but its fanless, takes miniscule power, is pretty small, and has drivers, what more would you want?
  7. 1. Maybe bookmark the login page? 2. Well, I can't find any major differences between Office 2016 and 2010 I use, other than the fact it's much uglier. Good job M$. I remember the good old days of Office 2000, simple, elegant, and still usable to this day. 3. Buttons are small, but there's plenty of white space EVERYWHERE! They force you to buy a 1080p monitor for no reason! If only there were free patches for RAM, and modern browsers for 98SE, I would happily use 98SE daily. And the orgasmic start-up sound. And I hate everything about Windows after 7. Too bad the whole UEFI/NVMe/USB 3.0 crap ruins Win7 by every day as it's not supporting those things fully like Win8+. And Win7 could run all those things, and DX12 if M$ cared...but they don't. I hope in 2020 something will change.
  8. There's no GeForce 8 support for 98SE, period! GeForce 8 series uses Unified Shaders, there's not Unified Shaders GPU driver for 98SE period! Not from AMD, not from NVIDIA, not from S3,VIA, whatever! No Unified Shaders support, period! The best GPU for 98SE is the 7900 GTX, which will work with your modded drivers. From AMD, it's the Radeon X850 XT PE, using official drivers. Note that both don't use Unified Shaders, it's not a coincidence
  9. I also thought of the BootMenu=0 and AutoScan=0 method, but wasn't 100% sure.
  10. Xeno's Vcache patch fixes all Vcache problems, completely eliminating the purpose of editing vcache in system.ini. With this patch, I can run 3DMark2001 SE and older NVIDIA video drivers (like 45.23) with 1GB of RAM, which I couldn't do without it. So that's why I'm mentioning it. IT might not do anything with 512MB of RAM, but it's worth a shot. Before you apply it, do remove any vcache settings in system.ini beforehand. WinME is bad, but just try to see if the problem appears, WinME is quite different in some regards to 98SE, while based on the same kernel. It might react to your GPU in a different way.
  11. Hmm...I guess you are talking about the one when it defaults to the Safe Mode, if Windows failed to load. I don't think it can be removed altogether, but try this workaround (if it works at all, never tested it) In MSDOS.SYS add/edit these under the [Options] section: BootMenu=1 BootMenuDefault=1 BootMenuDelay=1 It will load Windows in one second, while displaying the Boot Menu every the question is...will this override the "failed load" boot menu...:/
  12. Why not just...get a different GPU? Does the problem exists in Windows ME? Can you try a different Motherboard with your GPU? Did you try Xeno's Vcache patch? Did you try removing NWIZ? You can do that by going to the MS-DOS Prompt within Windows, going to the System directory, and typing NWIZ.EXE /UNINSTALL Ask yes on the prompt, and reboot. This will remove ALL NWIZ bloatware, and KEEP only the display driver, it's a neat trick.
  13. I've taken a look at the registry, and found these drivers for 98SE: - The Audio driver is here: (there is a newer A406 driver, but I had problems with it, the A404 works better) Highly recommend to install DirectX 9.0c for the Audio driver to work correctly: - The AGP driver is right here (it makes the GPU working properly): - The GPU driver (SiS 740 - is right here: (they have removed the downloader, now it's a direct link, thank god) - The IDE driver (makes the drive faster) is right here: - The Ethernet (LAN) driver is right here: These drivers, along side the NUSB33e.exe USB driver, and the Vcache patch should be all you need to have a fully working 98SE installation. I do not recommend to install any Service Packs, if everything works correctly without it. Make a clean installation from scratch.
  14. Yes, I do not use [vcache] at all. ConservativeSwapfileUsage=1 and DMABufferSize=64 will do more to speed up 98SE than [vcache].
  15. I just use the Xeno's VCACHE patch and ConservativeSwapfileUsage=1 and 1GB works without any problems. If you have any problems, just set MaxPhysPage to 20000. It limits the RAM to 512MB. You really don't need more.