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  1. It's not about the HD Audio driver, it's about the HD Audio Bus driver, which we need to make it enumerate a new device, to install the HD Audio driver on it...under 98SE :/ Soon, I will have the opportunity to test on my only PC (laptop ASUS X75VB) 98SE/XP stuff, and maybe I could help with getting HD Audio to work.
  2. GeForce Go 7300 has the same performance as the GeForce3 Ti200, with DX9 support put there just for the show. Needless to say, it's nothing great, especially for 3DMark03. Try older games, it should not be that bad. Also, I don't like how people still say the 82.69 drivers are unofficial. They are official, made by NVIDIA, the only unofficial part is the INF file which has the VEN/DEV for the 7xxx series included and CoolBits added. That's it. No one coded the 98SE support for the 7xxx series other than NVIDIA. Here are the original 82.69 drivers: Not to mention, the OpenGL driver in 82.69 is unstable, unlike the 81.98 one. And also, don't bother with anything better from NVIDIA than 6800 Ultra under 98SE. It's not worth it. The latest ATI card working under 98SE - Radeon X850 XT PE is better in 3DMark03 than the 6800 Ultra, and has official drivers. But it doesn't have Shader Model 3.0.
  3. But power management is not something you can "turn off" in the GUI. I always have just one power profile, with everything turned off, and rest of profiles deleted. I guess only then removal of these entries is safe? Besides, why isn't power management stuff not built-in to the kernel, and instead as an autorun command? It seems weird. EDIT: This article is interesting, it mentions So..Powrprof.dll does its job even without these entires? So why are they in the first place...
  4. Opera 12.02 is getting worse and worse with each day. Not to mention, it's not exactly fast, even on a high-end 98SE machine. I think your granny would be better off with Win7 with the classic theme.
  5. This Run and RunServices entry appears in every Win98SE installation, is it needed at all? The system works file without it. What does it even do?
  6. Is this the real .pdb file, and not an one you just made? It seems it's from a Windows 2003 DDK...isn't it too new? And sorry about my post, good luck with your WiFi adventures
  7. There are no drivers for 9x for this WiFi chipset Only for Win2K and newer... There are drivers for 9x for the RTL8187 chipset. Looks like you bought a wrong one, sorry
  8. That's we need to know, what files are parsing the INF file, and what the differences are between the 2K and 98SE files. Also, why not do testing under ME? It has more in common with 2K than 98SE.
  9. As of today, running 98SE on such a new computer will get you: -No 2D and 3D acceleration whatsoever with the universal VBEMP driver, which is similar to the VGA.SYS default driver in XP. You will only have good performance at the desktop, that's it. The DOS window might not even work at all. -Slow internet speeds with NDIS2 driver (if it works at all) -SATA with paid patch only, without it, only VERY SLOW 16bit compatible mode disk access, which is again, VERY SLOW! -Up to 4GB available RAM with paid patch only, without it, only 1GB -No HD Audio support whatsoever -With NUSB there is USB 2.0/Flashdrives support. Is it worth it? No. Just get parts which do actually work with 98SE, its fun to do, and not that expensive.
  10. So, the MoBo is an issue with the mouse, oh well :/ Oh yes, I forgot to write this, we would need to combine the HDAUDBUS.SYS and the Win2K .SYS HDA driver from a given manufacturer like Realtek or C-Media. That means hard work for just one family of devices, no chance to create universal driver at all I know there's nothing interesting in the 98SE LAN driver, but look at the 2K/XP one, you can clearly see the two .inf's. Can we use MPXPLAY source code for HDA support? Maybe create a DOS driver that somehow works while running Win98SE...
  11. I have a 98SE PC with an nForce 3 250 chipset, an ASRock K8Upgrade-NF3, and I do not have problems with using a USB mouse, though it depends on the mouse as well. One USB mouse I have glitches out in 98SE setup, the other one runs flawlessly in setup. Both of them work fine when the system is installed. Try a different USB mouse, or use an old PS2 one (I bought a newer PS2 mouse, and it was glycerol as you said :/ ) Back on the HD Audio topic, well...first off, we need to find an example of a 9x driver, which enumerates a different device after installing, if there is one. I noticed that the LAN driver inf for my MoBo for 2K/XP do enumerate a different device which is installed by a second inf, but the 9x driver for the same LAN is just one inf file with one sys and is installed directly. So, we need to create a driver for the bus which is also an audio driver all in it possible to combine HDAUDBUS.SYS and HDAUDIO.SYS? Here are examples on how my LAN drivers are different, maybe it will be helpful, maybe not, there's nothing to lose... LAN2KXP.7z LAN98SE.7z PS. Wait, are you the same user from the I visit the forum sometimes with a google translate, nice ongoing discussion you have there, good to see there are more 98SE fans than me
  13. I tried to do something like this myself. And unsurprisingly, got the same results, HDAUDBUS.SYS "worked" but no \HDAUDIO were enumerated... Can the HDAUDBUS.SYS driver be modified in any way, or is that way too difficult/impossible? Are there any HDA devices which do not use the \HDAUDIO enumeration or ALL of them are dependent on the built into Windows HDAUDBUS.SYS? What about PORTCLS.SYS and SYSAUDIO.SYS? Those files are also included in KB888111 for Win2000.
  14. Sadly, above drivers are 2000/XP only, thy are marked wrongly on the site
  15. Try smaller amount of RAM. Try to set the machine as an ISA PC, not a regular PC. Also, try a different CPU mode, or leave out the -cpu switch altogether. Also, try the 0.9.0 version of QEMU for Windows, newer versions are really suited for Linux anyways. I've had great success with the 0.9.0 version and Win95. But the SB16 emulation sucks so choosing another audio card is recommended...even in newest versions to be honest