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  1. ME does not have native USB2, I've just looked at the inf files, no USB2.
  2. 7900 GTX is faster than 7950GT. To your credit, 7900 GTX is only available in PCI-E form, unlike the 7950GT, but PCI-E cards work on 98SE regardless.
  3. The most powerful GPU for 98SE is the 7900 GTX. You need the unofficial 82.69 drivers, and R. Loew's 512MB NVIDIA GPU patch. (paid)
  4. Use Add New Hardware in the Control Panel, it should pick it up...maybe?
  5. 1GB of RAM caused some problems on my 98SE rig, such as older NVIDIA GPU drivers not working (45.xx), and 3DMark2001 SE not launching the benchmark. I highly recommend you stick with 512MB.
  6. Aren't LAN/WiFi speeds under 98SE slow in general? My nForce3 250 MoBo, ASRock K8Upgrade-NF3, with its built-in LAN controller, is quite rubbish in 98SE. I have abysmal speeds, even after all the tweaks and patches I could found. What's interesting is that, it will download fast, but after about 15 seconds, it slows down. Also, M$ lies! It says 98SE supports NDIS5 (which might help with speeds), but in reality, I haven't found any 98se network driver which uses ndis5, all of them uses ndis3. Some ME drivers do use ndis5 though.
  7. What's the use of looking at the calls, if we can't modify the GPU drivers?
  8. GPU drivers are code as well! Those are equally as important as the OS itself. No one made new GPU drivers for 98SE since 2006. I doubt any human knows how to make new 9x VXD GPU drivers anymore. (VBEMP doesn't count) I've tried running GTA 4 on 98SE, and was greeted with an Out of Video Memory error. Which is false, as the same GPU (6800GT) runs GTA 4 under XP.
  9. No need for any floppy disks and CD's. Just grab any USB Flash drive, format it using Rufus for MS-DOS, copy all stuff onto it, and FDISK. (if problems occur, replace and io.sys with the ones from 98se setup cabs, io.sys is winboot.sys in precopy*.cab, you have to rename it) Then you boot off it, use "fdisk /actok" This switch is very important! Then, change the drive to the second one (the first one is the usb flash drive) and make a partition, and make it active. (without the switch, it won't be possible to set it as active) Then reboot, boot again, and format the d: drive (the c: is the usb flash drive) Then copy, io.sys to the root of the d: drive. and the rest of the stuff whenever. Just remember that long file names will be truncated to 8.3. Then take out the usb flash drive, and boot from the hard drive, then simply run the setup. (with /is /ie /iv /iq /im /nr /p i) It will install 98se from a hard the same hard drive in the light of speed! That's the method I use to install 98SE on any PC that does not have a floppy drive not a cd-rom drive. Also, why not install Revolutions Pack? It's not unstable on my high end 98SE rig. Also, for me, the RLOEW's USB Mass Storage Drivers are better from here (the lexar ones): Also, why not U98SESP3 but outdated Autopatcher? Also, why not Opera 12.02? Firefox 2 is sadly not good for even basic sites. Too bad Opera 12.02 is also getting worse and worse, I've ranted about it enough.
  10. Current Steam (like most PE applications of today's era) relies on many, many, many DLL files, which are simply impossible to run under 98SE no matter how much you KernelEx. Running modern apps, would require rewriting the whole OS, most notably, the NTKERN.VXD from SCRATCH! Unless you meet with the people who actually developed the 98SE...which is probably impossible too.
  11. (use Backup Download Server to download) These are the drivers, do what cov3rt did, and maybe it will work. "ABIT RADEON X600XT 128M" = RV380_ENU, PCI\VEN_1002&DEV_3E50&SUBSYS_0001147B "ABIT RADEON X600XT 128M Secondary" = RV380_ENU, PCI\VEN_1002&DEV_3E70&SUBSYS_0000147B
  12. Hmm...that's weird, does 82.16 work with the 7900GS or only 82.69?
  13. It looks to be related with Winproxy, did you install Winproxy?
  14. Wow, you have much better scores than my 98SE rig, which scored 12462 in 3DMark03, and 22571 in 3DMark2001 SE, but I have a GeForce 6800GT, AMD Athlon 64 3000+ s754, and 1GB RAM. As for the error, try launching 3DMark03 with the -nosysteminfo switch, and also try to limit the RAM to 1GB, also try the VCACHE fix if not installed already.
  15. There's nothing we can do. No one has enough skills to port a modern open-source browser to 98SE. It will get worse and worse with each day. It's sad to see newer Flash Player not working. It's a miracle it worked up to version 21. About no KernelEx, there's no reason to not use KernelEx on 98SE anymore. About WebM/HTML5 - it's slow and underwhelming, even in my high end 98SE rig. Goes back to someone porting a more modern browser. Even Facebook broke some time ago in Opera 11/12, the top bar after logging in is displayed wrong, and it wasn't a couple months ago. I won't let 98SE die no matter what.