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  1. Best Hypervisor for Windows 98

    Did you try PCem-X? 86Box?
  2. I use AMNHLTM. http://toogam.com/software/archive/drivers/cpu/cpuidle/cpuidle.htm It's a simple VXD file that you install and forget about it. Can't be simpler than that!
  3. Best Hypervisor for Windows 98

    QEMU has some audio options: (per official documentation) - Creative SoundBlaster 16 sound card - ENSONIQ AudioPCI ES1370 sound card - Intel 82801AA AC97 Audio compatible sound card - Intel HD Audio Controller and HDA codec - Adlib (OPL2) - Yamaha YM3812 compatible chip - Gravis Ultrasound GF1 sound card - CS4231A compatible sound card It emulates these VGA cards: -Cirrus Logic GD5446 (good for DOS, useless for 3D, maybe good for 2D Win95 games) -Standard VGA card with Bochs VBE extension (probably like VirtualBox) -VMWare SVGA-II (weird, right? ) Do you really need Windows 98, or would Windows 95 be sufficient for your games?
  4. Best Hypervisor for Windows 98

    Well, you can try PCem (or any of its forks), or QEMU under Linux using KVM.
  5. NTFS support in Win 98/SE/ME?

    I think everyone needs the rloew's free PATCHPAR.EXE patch from his website to fix IO.SYS bug with partition corruption when using other partitions(NTFS/Linux) alongside FAT32 on the same drive when using 98SE. I use Paragon's NTFS driver, and I'm happy with it.
  6. Maximus-Decim Native USB Drivers

    I simply take 4 files from the NUSB package, USB2.INF, USBPORT.SYS, USBHUB20.SYS, and USBEHCI.SYS, and install the USB controller manually from the INF. Then I install rloew's 98SE USB Mass Storage driver from his website when I plug my USB flash drive for the first time. Just don't unplug the flash drive too fast before file operations are done, you'll get a non-destructive BSOD (you can go back to the system, so nothing scary) like with good old floppy disks if anyone remember those struggles The flash drive will not be damaged in any way And no, hotplug never worked for me. It's an universal solution for any USB 2.0 controller and any USB flash drives without tinkering with system files in any way, been doing it for years now. No need for this hotplug, systray, user32, sysdm updating system files nonsense, why making life more difficult? And no, modern motherboards from Skylake and above, and Ryzen uses USB 3.0 hardware ID exclusively for all USB ports, so no USB drivers for it, you'll need a PCIEx1 USB 2.0 controller.
  7. Puzzle with ASRock ConRoe865PE ...

    Remove/rename ESDI_506.PDR from WINDOWS/SYSTEM/IOSUBSYS. This will make 98SE use slow 16bit compatibility mode disk access, and you can keep the enhanced mode for other OSes. Now, you can experiment with XHDD from here to possibly(?) speed up the compatibility mode: http://optimizr.dyndns.org/dos/drivers.html Or, buy rloew's SATA patch, or the new AHCI driver. Of course, since there's no Intel SATA drivers for 98SE for 865, ASRock fools 98SE by making SATA look like IDE to the system, that's the only choice they had.
  8. Last Versions of Software for Windows 98SE

    I use XMPlay: http://www.un4seen.com/ It's still supported and developed, can play FLAC with the free plugin on the site, it works without KernelEx. \ I highly recommend it! i use it even on my main Win7 PC. Although it won't work if you change/mess up the msvcrt.dll file.
  9. Does Oformat.exe run on W98/DOS?

    Would be nice if you could provide the exact EXE file. Try using Windows ME's bootdisk for OFORMAT.COM. Setver never helped in anything for me A nice question to add while on this topic, is why IO.SYS forces loading SETVER.EXE while starting 9x? What is it used for?
  10. Last Versions of Software for Windows 98SE

    I bought the AHCI driver, however, it doesn't really work. I didn't have the time recently to troubleshoot it further with rloew on email, everyone will know if it finally works And it's Kaby Lake, not Skylake, the chipset in motherboard is Skylake (H110), the CPU is a Kaby Lake Pentium G4560.
  11. Is ME really that bad?

    Not all (un)official patches are available for Polish version of ME currently. I could transplant ME files myself, but what about newer files than on the CD? Wayback Machine can only help so much. People focused on the English version (which I understand), so that's why I'm slightly irritated about that. Besides, totally off-topic, I do not really like MDGx's writing style about anything, extremely convoluted! As for the main topic, in the span of just three(!) years, M$ released 5 OS's! (98FE, 98SE, 2000, ME, XP) No wonder one of them could have failed, they were busy back in the day, there was only so much time for quality assurance, not to mention consulting with the PC component manufacturers and suppliers at the same time, it was crazy, I'd imagine.
  12. Last Versions of Software for Windows 98SE

    That's an untranslated string from the original Japanese version, saying that using this program may ban you while playing online multiplayer games. Other things are translated to English. There is a version where this string is translated, but it doesn't work well on 98SE. It's a really nice utility for those games that work under 98SE that do not have windowed mode built-in.
  13. Last Versions of Software for Windows 98SE

    Nice app you've found, @jumper! I can't find a way to sort processes by clicking on the columns, but one thing I've noticed, that it shows files used by a process in real time, this is cool especially in games like in this example: https://imgur.com/a/EaHzc I think Process Explorer/AIDA64 can't do that.
  14. Is ME really that bad?

    98SE2ME would be great, if it supported other languages of 98SE, not just English.
  15. Last Versions of Software for Windows 98SE

    AIDA64 shows memory usage, CPU usage and programs in memory. For a true task manager, use Process Explorer 11.11 (latest for 9x) As for VCache settings, try http://www.thpc.info/dload/swp160up.zip or http://www.thpc.info/dload/cacheman.zip