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  1. On my ThinkPad T40 98SE machine (which is beautiful, by the way), whenever I open WMP9 (even without any file to play), the System/GDI resources drop significantly. The worst part is when you try to choose/select a skin, the resources drop to below 20%. I've tried 98MP10, but it only got slightly worse, now it drops to 0%. Any tips for that? No other app does that. I want to enjoy my Toothy skin without any problems. EDIT: Installing KernelEx and Revolutions Pack 9 did help somewhat, but depending on the skin, it can drop to 70% (Toothy) or to 35% (Compact/WMP11 skin). Maybe obtaining rpXbeta1.zip would help, I can't find it anywhere. Is it even necessary when you have the latest version of Revolutions Pack? EDIT2: I've been reading about the whole GDI thing in 98SE, the best bet is to simply install latest Revolutions Pack and be done with it? And just to live with 70% as there is no better option? Anything changed since Tihiy left 98SE scene?
  2. Which WMP version you've installed? As jumper said, you probably need to install the latest version, which is WMP9, download it right here: (M$ still hasn't removed it!) http://download.microsoft.com/download/1/b/c/1bc0b1a3-c839-4b36-8f3c-19847ba09299/MPSetup.exe
  3. My new ThinkPad T40 98SE laptop is eagerly waiting for a new browser, good luck to you, rn10950! I'm tired of Opera too!
  4. WinME bad graphics behavior

    For MX440, I recommend the 45.23 driver. It should work fine.
  5. Didn't know about Powerpro, seems like a very nice 9x utility, if I knew about it I would not write like that. Thanks for the reupload, I have a friend who needed it.
  6. KeyX sounds fine, there is too much software starting with Win at the beginning The program looks like a good foundation for a much more advanced hotkey utility, like replacing the existing ones/making new ones by user/making screenshots on the fly/other hooks to make hotkeys off like shutdown/register DLL with a hotkey? I'm just giving ideas, I don't know what you want to do with this software in the future Also, totally offtopic: Can you re-upload the Odyssey Client installer by you? The original link has expired.
  7. The amount of times win32k.sys has been updated in XP probably is now in the thousands...you'll be seeing that file in your dreams if you ever worked with XP updates for a long time.
  8. @rloew What about the problems I had when having 1GB of RAM without the VCache patch? Without the VCache patch 3DMark2001 SE did not work and older NVIDIA drivers (4x.xx, 5x.xx) did not work either, leaving a black screen after boot screen. Both worked with 512MB of RAM. The newest NVIDIA drivers (7x.xx, 8x.xx) did work without the patch That's why I encouraged everyone to use VCache patch if they have more than 512MB. Can you explain why those would fail with more RAM?
  9. DOS and 9X/ME on Z170 Test

    @jaclaz Don't bring the food argument! I want to make my stomach happy! I do spend some more money on food, but you won't stop me, and neither I can stop you! I know I could save up for all the cards if I lived on bread alone, but that's a topic for another time. Through all those years of your activity, you're still (sometimes) funny as you have ever been. @98SE I do not need a PCI network card, the built-in Realtek Gigabit Ethernet controller on the motherboard works fine with 98SE, you would have known that if you read my original topic carefully. That product is indeed the most elaborate solution there could have ever been, it would look as clean as it can, without taking off the side cover and having all those PCI cards dangling at free will. Everything would be inside the case without breaking the expansion slot covers (as those are not screwed in like in most cases)
  10. DOS and 9X/ME on Z170 Test

    My case (Aerocool QS-182) is only Micro-ATX/ITX compatible, I do not like big cases. I wrote multiple times, ALL USB ports on my motherboard work from the USB 3.0 controller! 98SE DOES NOT see any USB 2.0 controllers! Neither does Windows 7 or any other OS! You NEED USB 3.0 drivers to use ANY of the USB ports on my motherboard regardless of the OS (Win8+ has them built in) PS/2 Simulator option does not work with Windows 7, but does work with 98SE. As for the MoBo choice, I didn't buy it for 98SE, the 98SE was just an afterthought to see how easy/hard would it be. With the PCI-E x1 to 2x PCI adapter, I could get a PCI USB 2.0 card and a PCI SATA card with 98SE drivers. Then, I put the USB Sound card I already have, and it should be working all fine. ...20 That's about $40 from AliExpress :/ That's double the price I've paid for 7900 GTO.
  11. DOS and 9X/ME on Z170 Test

    If only there was a card that had both USB 2.0 and SATA on a single PCI-E x1 slot that was compatible with 98SE, then my build would work flawlessly. Are there adapters from PCI-E x1 to PCI?
  12. Ultimate 98SE PC - Ultimate Disappointment

    Seeing from here: http://oc-esports.io/#!/round/osibs_s2rb You get the most performance in 98SE from a good socket 775 CPU with a very high clock, so what you say is true. I did not build this PC for 98SE in mind, this is my main PC! I just wanted to see if my main PC could run 98SE with ease, just by buying the 7900 GTO. It obviously didn't And yes, network drivers do prolong the boot time, I think this was fixed in ME.
  13. Official - Windows 10 Worst Crap Ever!

    Win7 does not have USB3 drivers unlike Win8+, integrating them is crucial if you install Win7 from USB flash drive, and use USB keyboard and mouse, if you use the DVD and PS/2 keyboard, then you don't have to integrate them. I know Win8.1 is also a viable option, but that will be after 2020
  14. Official - Windows 10 Worst Crap Ever!

    Yes, the Kaby Lake Pentiums are very good and cheap. Intel made the current i3 lineup pointless, that's true. Thankfully, with Coffee Lake, they will be relevant once again. To install updates on Kaby Lake and Ryzen (Skylake is not affected) just use this: https://github.com/zeffy/wufuc It modifies the WU DLL on the fly which blocks the updates. Simple, and it works flawlessly. Of course, to install Win7 in the first place, you need to integrate the Intel USB 3.0 drivers to both boot.wim and install.wim, but using the free version of NTLite it's easy.
  15. Official - Windows 10 Worst Crap Ever!

    @NoelC - With my previous PC almost 4 years ago, I was having 19 processes at bootup with WinXP, those were the days Also, try getting your head around all those new services in services.msc in Win10 In Win7 I know which one does what, and which I need, resulting in low process count, which is something I pay close attention to. But in Win10, we have all those UWP services mixed with regular ones... @My1 - It's the Pentium G4560, it has Hyper-Threading unlike older Pentiums, I have an SSD as well. I re-did the test just for you The Pentium is the bottleneck however , an I5 should max out the test: