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  1. Is Vista a lost cause on modern hardware?

    You do realize there are nearly 65 million people that don't speak English in the United States, right? Creative differences aside, I wish you the best of luck in your testing.
  2. Is Vista a lost cause on modern hardware?

    How I feel reading this thread right now
  3. Is Vista a lost cause on modern hardware?

    Do forgive me in case I come off as being snarky, but I sense miscommunication here. Perhaps English isn't your mother tongue? Nobody was talking about gaming here. But since graphics cards are being mentioned, I myself used a GTX 950 with Vista for about a year before switching to Haswell. It was a rock solid card that I continue to use with 7. The boot issue does not change for as long as you use the 1150 platform itself. I also really hope you aren't actually using GPU's from 2011.. Graphics are the least of Vista's concern. I'm well acquainted with 2008WV, we both worked tooth and nail to debug and find a solution. Akaik it simply doesn't exist. I used Vista primarily on this setup for about half a year.
  4. Is Vista a lost cause on modern hardware?

    @2008WindowsVista I concur. Vista on Haswell is messy. On a vanilla install of SP2 with no drivers, the startup error will occur at random. Not a pretty sight if you try to install updates. Now I haven't tested any of the newer platforms, but I imagine it's similar. Don't be fooled by a few successful boot tests.
  5. Server 2008 Updates on Windows Vista

    That sounds like an excellent idea.
  6. Server 2008 Updates on Windows Vista

    I have BleepingComputer news saved as a live bookmark/RSS. I've also used the forum in the past. I agree that it seems like a great place, but MSFN is very unique. I'm not sure it can easily be substituted. I suppose the transition will be easier if we all congregate in a single place and re-build from there.
  7. Server 2008 Updates on Windows Vista

    I hate to be frank.... STAY THE HECK AWAY FROM THAT FORUM! I've met friendly, helpful people there before. There have been useful tutorials as well. But the administration left me with a very sour taste. I created a thread about 4 years ago regarding the-then upcoming EOL. I asked if anyone had the knowledge to create a 7/8 compatibility layer. I was greeted with friendly responses, some expressing similar concern and ideas. But about 1 hour in, my account was terminated on the grounds of "Advocating illegal activity". I created a new account and contacted the board expressing my apologies for the misunderstanding. I was terminated a second time. I sent an email and never heard back. I caution using that forum, especially post EOL. Simply put, many of the projects you see here on MSFN simply wouldn't exist had this forum been a similar environment. I've considered migrating over to BleepingComputer, but I'm not sure. I'm not convinced any forum can replace the mammoth of information and professionalism found here. The loss of MSFN is truly a tragedy.
  8. This is just tragic. MSFN has been an invaluable source of information for me over the last few years, especially for older operating systems. I've been making Internet Archive backups for certain threads. Would be great if somebody could make a full site backup/mirror to preserve all the information accumulated over the years. It would be disastrous to lose it all.
  9. I used Vista on my MSI Z97 PC Mate/4790k build for several months. Each boot had a 50/50 chance of success. Even more troubling, the OS began to break after a few months of usage. Eventually I couldn't even use ClearType rendering. Updates would also fail and revert back to previous state. That very well may have just been the hard drive though. I'm very curious as to how Vista is with your config? I may get a spare SSD and give it another whirl. To the OP, @2008WindowsVista: Would you mind testing the TorGuard VPN client under Vista? It uses OpenVPN and a Chromium based wrapper for the client GUI. Secondly, Planet Explorers (indie sandbox game). There is a free demo. It doesn't officially support Windows Vista, however I've used older builds back in 2015/16 with success after installing the required dependencies and disabling OpenCL. https://steamcommunity.com/app/237870/discussions/0/540735426811547416/ All efforts to preserve the OS and provide support to other users is very much appreciated
  10. Good lord this thread has really blown up since I were last active. It's great to see there are still people that care enough about Vista to assort through this all. Honestly a little surprised nothing like this has been pinned yet. Kudos to the efforts, OP. Favorable OS or not, all software should be well documented for future reference.
  11. Shorthorn Project

    Very intriguing project. But I haven't the slightest idea how to install it? Downloading the packages and extracting the resources onto XP x64 or Server 2003 x86 simply renders the OS unusable. Looking further on the dev's website, I found bootable ISO's. However it requires a product key to proceed. I must be very punctual here. I'm not asking how to illegally circumvent activation. But what is this OS/distro even based on? Would you activate it using a Server 2003 key?
  12. It seems the less corporate developers are always more open to stretching OS support for a longer period. Especially if that program is open source. Pale Moon is my favorite browser, and has been for years. Hopefully Moonchild will be open to keeping Vista support for a while. He himself uses 7, I believe. Made quite a few negative remarks about Windows 10 before. Just look at the "The Windows 10 mega-thread!". Firefox is just a hot mess. Almost reminds me of the decline of Opera. I applaud Slimjet for trying though. It's my secondary browser for whenever a site isn't too PM friendly. (using win7 myself since i'm on haswell)
  13. About AMD Drivers on Vista

    4790k/Z97 user here. 2008 is correct about Ivy+ being spoiled with Vista. As far as I can tell though, only significant repercussion is the timing bug that occasionally occurs upon reboot (aka. Interactive logon process initialization has failed) It can be hair pulling, but it is pretty doable I've been out of the Radeon loop for quite a while, so can't really comment too much. User smeezekitty did various patches that went as far as Catalyst 15.6, I think? Personally used 15.4 on my 8570d and R7 240 setups. Beyond that got quite murky. Nvidia I'd like to believe will be more lenient towards mods. It always has been in the past. Hoping somebody is willing to step forward in making some patches to various graphics drivers. Most significant drawback using this OS anymore.
  14. Can Windows XP Pro x86 *Safely* TRIM an SSD?

    The 'Pro' version of SSD Tweaker can manually TRIM many brands of SSD. Sorry to bump an old thread. I never did get around to slipping XP on my SSD due to limited space, although I am running Vista SP2 off it at this time. Occasionally play with XP on another disk. Would you happen to know if SSD Tweaker cooperates with Sandisk SSD Plus series? I'm presented with a message that reads, "This function may not work with your operating system, but your drive may support Garbage Collection still". That said, the operation appears to complete regardless. Was disappointed to see that no toolkits are provided from Sandisk, but the price of this drive wasn't much to complain over. If she pops, not quite what you'd call a costly replacement. Steering towards an 850 Evo next time I go shopping.
  15. Does Vista have better privacy than Windows 7?

    Who do you think you are to call people out due to OS choice? Vista FanBoi? That's retarded.. I'm not suggesting you use Vista, nor vice versa. If you like 7, by all means don't feel pressured to change it. Works great for a lot of people. I personally never cared much for it, but that's subjective. Always leaned further on 8 and Vista, funny as that sounds. Have an install of Windows 8.0 (stock RTM) as well as Vista SP2. Also have a copy of Windows 7 on another partition with updates as recently published as just a few months ago. It's silly to run from an OS over updates, but it's also a pain to be caught in the crossfire fixing rogue patches too. Hence, I tend to leave my setups alone. This is a habit that dates all the way back to me using XP. The question was, if Windows Vista was a more secure OS than 7, without any user intervention. Simply put, it is. Unless you have compelling evidence otherwise? Thanks