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  1. I found that fixed the problem for me as well.
  2. It's back up again.
  3. Is down? I cannot access that web site this afternoon and I was wanting to generate a new donation.key file.
  4. How do I access the page where I could sign in and create new and download my existing keys based on the size of my previous donations? The link for that is gone from what I can see. Never mind... found the answer here:
  5. I can access it fine from here : jaclaz Thank you. That did not come up in my Google Search and the links I had saved to the previous URL ( web domain) were no longer valid. Got it installed on the new system. Looks much better now.
  6. I was going to add Aeroglass to a new machine and the web site appears to have moved or it was taken down. Is there a valid URL to download the installer and generate a new key? Windows 8.1 is just a nasty, butt ugly OS without Aero.
  7. That was exactly the problem. I did not realize only one of them was for Update 1. I deleted the three that are not for Update 1. It's working great now. Wish all problems were that easy to solve, LOL. User error is always better than a hardware or software malfunction. Thank you for pointing that out for me. I feel silly for not paying closer attention to the information posted by LiveOrDieTM.
  8. I believe I do. How can I determine if it is the latest? VS meaning, visual style, correct? It is the theme linked in my post above and I did not notice more than one available link to download it. Edit: Thanks DrStrange. You posted almost simultaneously. I will double-check that to be sure.
  9. I did a clean install of Windows 8.1.1 from MSDN ISO and have Aero Glass 8 working like a charm. Donated again to further the development. Thank you @bigmuscle. I have a glitch that I am wondering if anyone might now how to solve. If I use UXStyle without the win8cp.png atlas file and use this theme AeroByDesign For Windows 8.1 / Update 1 by LiveOrDieTM on deviantART everything works OK except that the right-click context menu does not work on the Start screen tiles. If I switch to a standard Windows desktop theme, Aero Glass still works fine, it changes back to black title bar text and the right-click menu works as it should. Not a big deal in the grand scheme of things. Any thoughts on what might be breaking the right-click feature? Here is a video demonstrating what I am trying to explain.
  10. Yes, thank you a ton. I was on a business trip and found this when I got home tonight. I was able to regenerate my key. That option was missing when I posted earlier in the thread. Everything is functioning correctly again. Awesome!
  11. I have donated and purchased a license/key more than once, but I am now getting an error that I have the free version and the watermark will not go away. Any idea what is going on here and how I can fix it? This problem just started today. I cloned my Windows 8.1 installation to another drives that was already installed in the same computer so I could use the original SSD for another purpose. The original SSD is now running Windows 7 in an SSD RAID0 array, with Windows 8.1 now running on a much smaller mSATA SSD, so the key is not being used in multiple installations. It was dual boot before the change, but I did not want to share the RAID0 array with Windows 8.1 any more because Windows 7 is still my OS of choice.