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  1. I had similar problems with Windows OS X Creators Abortion (1703) without AeroGlass. Sometimes Windows and the Start menu would be clear with no text or solid white with no text. Using UWA crApps made the problem worse than if I never launch any UWA crApps. What cured it for me was turning off all of the worthless Windows 10 gaming filthware. Go to Setting > Gaming and disable EVERYTHING in Game Bar, Game DVR and Game Mode then reboot. That may help. It completely eliminated those issues for me.
  2. Yup, same here. Installed and works flawlessly on one machine, as I posted earlier. On the other machine, as soon as I attempt to move an open window or application it freezes and creates a dump file, then unfreezes. I can minimize or maximize a windows or application, but cannot move it without a system freeze that lasts a few seconds. minidump file located here debug.log
  3. I don't care for Aero blur aesthetic. I prefer the crystal clear look without any blur or glass reflection streaks. I have blur disabled on W7 as well. I have never been able to have W8/10 title bar and window border/frame transparency without AeroGlass. Only the Start menu and Taskbar have transparency without it.
  4. Well, Hallelujah!!! Finally don't have to tolerate the nasty Windows OS X Creators Abortion pastel vomit UI any more. YAY!!! God bless you @bigmuscle All of my previous settings and theme atlas files seem to work same as before also.
  5. There are most likely many fans of AeroGlass and supporters of @bigmuscle that contribute financially with minimal interaction in this forum. Some may not even be aware of this forum. That being said, you can never have too many financial supporters for any project like this and the man deserves probably far more than he has received in donations. People with special skills like his are usually very generous and almost never get as much as they deserve to receive for their efforts. While I seldom engage in the forum here, I have contributed 35.50 € to support the work and really hope we get support for 1703 (Creators Abortion as I prefer to call it) because every version of Windows from 8.X to date sucks without Aero transparency. I am doing the best I can to tolerate it, but it's a sucky OS in many ways besides the absence of an attractive UI.
  6. Aero Glass for Win8.1+ v1.5.2

    Is http://www.glass8.eu/ down? I cannot access that web site this afternoon and I was wanting to generate a new donation.key file.
  7. How do I access the page where I could sign in and create new and download my existing keys based on the size of my previous donations? The link for that is gone from what I can see. Never mind... found the answer here: http://www.msfn.org/board/topic/173139-read-first/
  8. [OLD] Aero Glass for Win8.1+

    I can access it fine from here : http://www.glass8.eu/ jaclaz Thank you. That did not come up in my Google Search and the links I had saved to the previous URL (berlios.de web domain) were no longer valid. Got it installed on the new system. Looks much better now.
  9. [OLD] Aero Glass for Win8.1+

    I was going to add Aeroglass to a new machine and the web site appears to have moved or it was taken down. Is there a valid URL to download the installer and generate a new key? Windows 8.1 is just a nasty, butt ugly OS without Aero.
  10. [OLD] Aero Glass for Win8.1+

    That was exactly the problem. I did not realize only one of them was for Update 1. I deleted the three that are not for Update 1. It's working great now. Wish all problems were that easy to solve, LOL. User error is always better than a hardware or software malfunction. Thank you for pointing that out for me. I feel silly for not paying closer attention to the information posted by LiveOrDieTM.
  11. [OLD] Aero Glass for Win8.1+

    I believe I do. How can I determine if it is the latest? VS meaning, visual style, correct? It is the theme linked in my post above and I did not notice more than one available link to download it. Edit: Thanks DrStrange. You posted almost simultaneously. I will double-check that to be sure.
  12. [OLD] Aero Glass for Win8.1+

    I did a clean install of Windows 8.1.1 from MSDN ISO and have Aero Glass 8 working like a charm. Donated again to further the development. Thank you @bigmuscle. I have a glitch that I am wondering if anyone might now how to solve. If I use UXStyle without the win8cp.png atlas file and use this theme AeroByDesign For Windows 8.1 / Update 1 by LiveOrDieTM on deviantART everything works OK except that the right-click context menu does not work on the Start screen tiles. If I switch to a standard Windows desktop theme, Aero Glass still works fine, it changes back to black title bar text and the right-click menu works as it should. Not a big deal in the grand scheme of things. Any thoughts on what might be breaking the right-click feature? Here is a video demonstrating what I am trying to explain.
  13. [OLD] Aero Glass for Win8.1+

    Yes, thank you a ton. I was on a business trip and found this when I got home tonight. I was able to regenerate my key. That option was missing when I posted earlier in the thread. Everything is functioning correctly again. Awesome!