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  1. Ultimate 98SE PC - preparation

    This is the easier method if HDMI audio can be used. DOSBOX takes care of Sound Blaster emulation so a crisper sound experience and less cable clutter using HDMI video. I will have to test USB ports later. The on board USB2 ones may work but USB3 will probably be a big problem on newer chipsets so HDMI audio option would be required. No more PCI slots on some newer motherboards unless there is a PCIe sound card with Windows 98 driver that exists (Preferably a PCIex1 short card). Also running out of internal slot space so I must remove the network card to test that option. Hmmm on board might be Realtek Audio so maybe another option?
  2. This capture worked for 3.9: (Not corrupted zip) http://web.archive.org/web/20060303084650/http://paullee.ru/download/regv389.zip I will hunt for the newer ones later. Only one more requirement for portable 98SE gaming now. DOSBOX working. No more Memory patching requirement. Intel HD Graphics Hdmi Audio port to 98SE sound device = HDMI audio to TV instead of traditional 3.5mm analog sound quality.
  3. Ultimate 98SE PC - preparation

    Just installed GeForce 6600GT. Tried your trick and it worked. Now I have to add a sound card for audio. I forgot about 98 driver hell. P4 was so much easier with PnP. DOSBOX working with Bear. Now we need Intel HD HDMI audio out driver for 98SE. Portable Gaming on the Go with USB Flash. I wonder why this trick was necessary. Lone Crusader must have had a hell of a time detecting his motherboard.
  4. I tried the last capture as well but the zip files were corrupted after download them so I went to the earliest capture. The main Russian site were not responsive. Either way usually if my "Registry" was nuked it was due to the IEinfection. I just restored from my image since it was faster than trying to repair it if you were lucky enough to remove enough of that out of the registry it wasn't worth the headache. Sometimes I kept an image of an infected system just for fun to troubleshoot. Then try some "claimed" malware remover and see how well it does. They usually tried running some random filename during startup so it wasn't that hard to circumvent. Just rename that file in Pure DOS and it usually stopped that crap or I replaced the file with a copy of command.com which nullified it. But finding every possible virus infected registry entry trace is nearly impossible unless you had a clean registry made the same day to compare.
  5. I was only interpreting what I think he wanted. I haven't tested these programs you are recommending. But checking the main site it was in Russian and the program to download seems to be constantly trying to load but dead. Dig for some older versions here. http://web.archive.org/web/20010606144639/paullee.ru/regstry.html I never needed to regedit in DOS. My 98SE never crashed in that manner or I restored from a DOS image which was faster if I wanted a clean state.
  6. List of Web Browsers Working with XP 2017

    Yes this the the bare minimum for Firefox Youtube HD video playback 1080P -> 4K if you got the video card. I spent many hours testing all FF versions and narrowing down which ones have broken website issues. This will work fine for now... 43.0.4 is the best to cover the SHA-256 certs. I've done maybe 200+ tabs on FF. Task Manager shows around 1.5GB things slow down. Highest is 2.5GB->2.7GB crash range or freezing. Does Chromium 54 ever crash for you? What is the maximum tabs and memory used in XP show?
  7. Hmmm... I think he's looking for a Pure DOS not inside Win9X/ME Command Prompt form of RegEdit for 98SE? My guess is to edit the Windows 98 Registry from Pure DOS and not inside 9X. This might be good for when you can't get into Safe Mode or when you couldn't get back into the 98SE OS normally due to some error.
  8. Ultimate 98SE PC - preparation

    Did you test any DOS games (which ones)? Can you try removing your "Graphics card" and let the BIOS choose the Intel iGPU instead for the graphics? See if the DOSBOX works with the Bear Driver and the Intel HD Graphics chip on your Z97.
  9. Ultimate 98SE PC - preparation

    The Xeno patch seems to just limit the Vcache setting from what I read. I never used it in my tests. My safe mode seems to work with over 512MB no problem with my method and no Window file system patching. Try DOSBOX with the Russian Bear VESA driver does it work? Which graphic card was installed? or was this using Radeon x1300 with Bear driver?
  10. Ultimate 98SE PC - preparation

    What programs are you using to benchmark the stability and performance of 98SE in your testing? Found the referral to the older Windows 3.11 and 9X Safe Mode video drivers. http://web.archive.org/web/20050219090234/http://oldfiles.org.uk/powerload/win3x.htm
  11. I understand that but the actual FireFox and Opera installers work on multiple operating systems if you know which ones were the last version supporting your OS. I don't know if 43.0.4 lets you even attempt the installer or not. But if it doesn't perhaps installing it on XP then copying the folder over to 98SE may work? Using the same Browser version may work on 98SE if given it already works in XP for those websites. Unfortunately after reading all the comments back and forth and the last versions possible with and without the Kernel Ex it is starting to sound like the writing is already on the wall. My conclusion is 9X/ME Youtube browsing is now dead except for some really old websites you can still navigate. Unless they find a way to get FireFox 43.0.4 to work under 9X/ME I find it doubtful newer websites will function properly on it as the new SHA-256 certificates may pose a problem as more websites continually update away from SHA-1.
  12. The only solution if the browser can't play Youtube videos is to get a Youtube video downloader and watch locally instead. You get a copy of the actual video so you can keep it and no streaming lag issues. Now I'm not sure of which of these will work on 98SE so it could be another Turtle on the MailBox Post issue.
  13. Extended Kernel for XP (ExtendedXP)

    First 9X/ME is mostly dying and used by few if any. Maybe a poll needs to be done to see who is still using 9X/ME and what memory configuration they have now. Second if 9X/ME can be installed on modern systems without extra patching to the OS it simplifies the installation process especially for USB bootable on the go experiments. Also any kind of commercial license will come with restrictions aside from the additional costs. Depending on the license terms and agreement there could be license restrictions to the use of the patch to just one person or to just the one machine it is installed on and non-transferable. A solution that is not machine dependent or at least limited to even one person for as many machines used by that person would be the least restrictive. Later a freeware possibility would invite more potential 98SE users and experimentation without being burdened by additional costs or restrictions expanding the 9X/ME community to modern day usage and if anything more interested users who could assist in creating a true 9X/ME emulator for XP, 7, and 10. 98SE never stressed using over 512MB as a feature and most graphics cards would fall into the 256MB or less range with the occasional rare 512MB models which weren't originally meant to run on 98SE without driver patching so games would theoretically still work with just 384MB OS usable memory installed so no compatibility issues if any exist will come up. The avoidance of tweaking the other files could cause unintentional problems and there is no need to constantly tweak something if it's working fine. I haven't tested tweaking those other Windows system files as of yet as I more concerned about getting 98SE to install on a machine with over 512MB with ease and seeing what's possible and how stable it is first. Gaming possibilities could be dead as there could a future AMD/Intel chipset that simply refuses to work with any PCI and PCIe cards in Windows 98SE which in that case this method I've come up with would at least still be useful for 98SE with the Integrated GPU and the Bear Windows driver and be a glorified 98SE PE type system. Later I plan on reducing the footprint of 98SE to its bare essentials to shrink it down as much as possible and then force this into a Ramdrive loaded off the USB which can later be ejected.
  14. Wait Opera 12.50? works with Kernel Ex? Then someone should try Opera 12.15. On XP I can confirm Youtube videos are working. I can't vouch for how it performs on other sites. FireFox 43.0.4 is my recommended lowest minimum version that should probably work for a long time on XP and high resolution Youtube videos 480P+ working. There are lower FF versions I've tested let me dig that up. FireFox 34.0, 34.0b9, 34.0.5 Video scrolling is not laggy nvidia quoting response works These were successful and should work on 99% of all sites I would say but gimped 240P Youtube Flash playback. So this won't be good for the Youtube experience but just general websites like MSFN and other forums.
  15. Extended Kernel for XP (ExtendedXP)

    It was referring to what you knew from being on the board and reading the forums since you have been around longer and prior to the 98SE memory issue was resolved and post so you would have heard about its existence. And as far as you know has or hasn't there a way to the best of your knowledge if 98SE can be installed fresh without a commercial Ram patch nor with tweaking the Windows 98 system INI or VMM related files with over 512MB memory installed?