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  1. Ok, so the problem is different. Nice to hear that Can be aeroglass paused via script? (Just to try without mess with its normal functions)
  2. I suspect one app (paint shop pro X9) crash due aero glass - this app don't have a glass border and it uses it own window controls, but when it starts to hang, I notice is trying to "paint" a glass frame. Wondering if there is a .bat or .vbs to say "don't use aero glass" on specific app or to pause dwm effects when such apps are running. Should be possible, as aero glass uses native windows/dwm functions.
  3. Really nice, tested in vmware It's possible to embed some files in the PE? Some softwares, the network .reg patch for LM compatibility (can use network places between 98 and 7), maybe the mouse applet (tend to be too fast) and the one for users (windows use it for networking purposes), maybe even some drivers but I think these can break things. However, great work
  4. Pretty much similar to previous one, but dark. - Win10 10240 RTM (1507). I had alot of problems with 1511 (TH2) no related to Aeroglass, so I'll stay with "conservative" branch - Aeroglass 1.4.6 in c:\Aero (\Aeroglass path never worked to me xD) + injected Moderframe.dll via Appinit. - Theme set: Windows Black Edition Mix 1 (Mr. Grim) + Clsharp 4.2 (atlas)+ BecClouds (reflection). - Classic explorer, old new explorer, hacked shell32.dll (suppress command bar), uxtheme patch (unsigned themes driver) - This set supports also black glass enhanced (blur explorer windows), but it's too glassy even for me
  5. After WinUpdates, obviously. However Aeroglass still works, but it says symbols are old (march '16). I updated them with my usual script which worked REM # INSTALL WINDOWS 10 SDK KIT BEFORE # REM cd C:\Aero\symbols REM md symbols cd C:\Program Files (x86)\Windows Kits\10\Debuggers\x64 symchk /r c:\windows\system32\ApplicationFrame.dll /s SRV*c:\Aero\symbols\*http://msdl.microsoft.com/download/symbols symchk /r c:\windows\system32\dwm.exe /s SRV*c:\Aero\symbols\*http://msdl.microsoft.com/download/symbols symchk /r c:\windows\system32\dwmcore.dll /s SRV*c:\Aero\symbols\*http://msdl.microsoft.com/download/symbols symchk /r c:\windows\system32\uDWM.dll /s SRV*c:\Aero\symbols\*http://msdl.microsoft.com/download/symbols but probably the new checked for this version are not ready yet. Can someone confirm this? ApplicationFrame.pdb FF574B40A20549809467F5B090845DF81 dwm.pdb 4EFD37790E904BB19CDA15EEEBECCFAD1 dwmcore.pdb 9A9D71C1E1C24BB3BB0975928FCA550D1 uDWM.pdb 6D2E3C09ACC64D2FB0FC56C9AFE51C361
  6. Blur deviation is an hex or dec value? However in reg is 0x000000020 (32) I haven't any hideblur value in registry. Used cmd+vbs method explained somewhere in threads However, taskbar blur partially works, only it's really different colour (eg. red instead blue) Doesn't follow the colour used by classic shell start (disabled control from there) and windows frames colorizations (colour picked from sliding wallpapers). I saw to disable accent color (what I've to edit?) but I don't lost windows frame/start colourization editing in this way?
  7. I managed in past, but now, after reinstalling windows 10, I've lost all the hard-made changes I did. (They sees but without connecting) What's the best manner to proceed for networking these too? (Probably looking around I mixed several modes or editing soo much things, which is not good). Editing policies (LSA reg edits on 98/10) doesn't lower the general network security? (However set to Level 1) Is NetBIOS necessary? (Actually I don't see it on windows10, maybe it was removed?) There's an updated browser for Win98? (I use Opera 12.04, but obviously it's outdated. I'd avoid to use KernelEx, but if I need, I'll do) I now there are a lot of posts/threads/guides for this (a lot found here), I'm still confused on the matter for this reason
  8. updated to b491.. no problems only modernframe seems not to work (I disabled metro apps dark theme, probably not supported by frame yet)
  9. Anyone knows if uxtheme bypass works on 10586? (as I use a shellstyle.dll hack to remove folderband, but still shows and I don't see "loading" when I start the hacked theme).
  10. *EDIT* With new symbols from SDK and Win8rp (clsharp 4.x works well too), build 460 on 10586 is nice Thanks a lot, for this experimental but cool release
  11. "Old" 1.4.1 partially works here on 10.0.10586, so I'll try these new builds. Thanks BM
  12. Build 10586 has side effect for Aero for now: 1) kill blur effect (flat trasparency); 2) Only the upper part of the window frame follow the colorizations; 3) Double text in modern apps (a new modernframe.dll will fix that); 4) aero worked only after manually putting dwmcore.pdb in symbols folder (the only one symbol server found)
  13. Modernframe hook stopped to work some days ago Aero works fine, however (secure boot disabled).
  14. There's an option in ONE to use default buttons layout. I used alternate for a while (buttons with round style) then seems to stopped work (missing buttons). With default ones (only arrow) are correctly displayed (on 10 x64). I use it with classic shell too, and with an hack for remove folder band without problems. Probably you should try to remove and re-install classic shell and/or oldnewexplorer (expecially if update 8.1 to 10, it'd broken something-somewhere)
  15. I'm using OldNewExplorer to (re)nable glass on navigation bar and to fix caption text in titlebar but I want to hide/disable command bar as I prefer Classic Shell toolbar. It's possible? (On win7-win10TP I used a dll hack, but I'd prefer to hook, expecially as the hack will be broken by windows update XD)