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  1. Awesome information! I was thinking about this the other day
  2. Can someone tell me how to remove the lines/separators that appear under the categories? Thanks, -B EDIT:NM, found it
  3. orca
  4. It installed fine on a SATA drive for me.
  5. I know how to use AutoIt. I don't want to use the setup.exe and the full install. I can get that work fine, I want the admin install to work and save space.
  6. I am curious as to how you got the admin install to work I cant get it to run. When I try to run the installation from a script it fails to find the file and then prompts to retry or cancel. This method would prove to be very useful if I could get it to work. The source size is reduced to 130mb when compressed with 7zip. I am running it with an AutoIt script but it would seem that the installer itself needs to be altered to keep it from checking for the file. But the .msi file itself runs fine when I just double click on it. Here is my AutoIt script if anyone is interested. The .msi has been renamed. RunWait("msiexec /qb /l* cs2-log.txt /i adobecs2.msi") ;Activation WinWaitActive ( "Adobe Photoshop Installer","" ) ControlClick ( "Adobe Photoshop Installer", "", "Button6" ) ;Activation2 Sleep ( 250 ) WinWaitActive ( "Adobe Activation","" ) ControlClick ( "Adobe Activation", "", "Button1" ) Exit ;EOF
  7. OK, I put the full release on again and went on the hunt to get my wireless card working. Got it!!!!!!!!!! Turned out to be kind of simple actually. I just checked the chipset on the card. (Linksys WMP54G) Mine is Ralink. Went to the Ralink site, downloaded their drivers and bam. It complained about digital signing and needed a reboot, but Im back in business and sent Linksys another email telling them how much they suck. If anyone else is having similiar problems I suggest giving it a try as well.
  8. np. Glad you got it working
  9. The solution before with the updates folder was to create a SFX within the folder. The SFX contains all your updated definition files. You would install Kaspsersky and then call the SFX (batch file or Runonce). The path to extract the SFX to was C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Kaspersky Anti-Virus Personal\5.0\Bases. Dig up some old posts on this, I know it was covered sometime ago.
  10. There were two ways if I remember correctly add the updates to C:\documents and settings\""\bases. Or to create an "updates" folder along with your installation files, and place your definitions within the updates folder. The program would integrate them upon installation, not sure if this works with 5.X though.
  11. How about making the driver? Has anyone done this before?
  12. I contacted Linksys. They sent me somthing about 64 bit wireless encryption EDIT: Old ones will not work at all
  13. I have been hunting for drivers to get my wireless Linksys card working and found nothing. Linksys "support" is no help, does anybody have any beta-drivers that will work? Thanks