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  1. If he won't play games on EEE - you may remove all DirectX components and OpenGL support, i think... Also, support for .Net might be removed, all drivers and hardware support of devices EEE don't have, keyboards and languages you don't need, all windows sounds, images, themes, etc... Among other things (that not mentioned in the link): Active Directory Services MSmail and MAPI Netmeeting Outlook Express Windows Messenger Share creation Wizard Color Schemes Speech support Shell Media Handler User Account Pictures Extra Fonts Group Policy Management Console Jet Database Engine MDAC DNS Client Shell Services Windows Firewall/ICS See information and notes on each component in nLite, also see this thread to be sure not to remove some needed components. P.S. I recommend you not to remove Uninterruptible Power Supply service - see here
  2. Toshiba Power Saver/LG Power Management/Dell Power Management (and most probably other power management tools for various laptops) UPS Service.