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  1. You do not need to read it, you just put it in the Aeroglass folder, and restart.
  2. Copy donation key from wherever you have it, and paste it into the c:\aeroglass folder just like you would do any other file.
  3. Donation.key goes in your aeroglass folder. That is it.
  4. That is difficult to do considering I am running 16226. Aeroglass runs differently on each build. Since a new build comes out roughly once per week or so I am constantly updating my Windows, or clean installing it as the case may be. On this particular build I can not show you that behaviour as it does not exist. I do run it with each build to see what is happening with Aeroglass. I do know that with BigMuscle's new debug release I can achieve transparency, but at the expense of stability. Not that the system goes belly up, but DWM goes belly up. So, if you are patient, perhaps I can show you some visuals as they occur.
  5. It helps out with text rendering in the window frame.
  6. Well, Windows 10 is really easy to theme, and applying 3rd party themes is really simple given the proper instructions. I have created a toolkit with much input from people on VirtualCustoms. If you pm me I can give you the link. It works for every build of Windows 10 except x64 builds. I am running RS3, so I am way ahead of the game so far as transparency is concerned. I actually haven't had any transparency in quite a while. It is not necessary even though it looks nice. Anyway, I am running Aeroglass as a Service. It helps with the 3rd party themes. Version works really well on RS3, but again it has no transparency. Believe me, transparency is not an integral part of the operating system. Here is a screenshot of my System folder using a theme called Poison by Mr GRiM!
  7. I have no clue what is on Windows 10 Creators Update as I have been on RS3 for so long now. I am currently running build 16226, and I must say they keep getting better, and better. So, in Settings they now have these really cool effects.
  8. Direct Download link http://download.windowsupdate.com/c/msdownload/update/software/secu/2017/06/windows10.0-kb4022725-x64_f4468667fb546204531ff9b88ef9b8b095a26786.msu
  9. Yes, it does have some issues.
  10. This works reasonably well in build 16199.
  11. How about "Can be filled."
  12. Yea, we shouldn't forget OldNewExplorer. May it rest in peace.
  13. Is this project still under development?