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  1. Well, Windows 10 is really easy to theme, and applying 3rd party themes is really simple given the proper instructions. I have created a toolkit with much input from people on VirtualCustoms. If you pm me I can give you the link. It works for every build of Windows 10 except x64 builds. I am running RS3, so I am way ahead of the game so far as transparency is concerned. I actually haven't had any transparency in quite a while. It is not necessary even though it looks nice. Anyway, I am running Aeroglass as a Service. It helps with the 3rd party themes. Version works really well on RS3, but again it has no transparency. Believe me, transparency is not an integral part of the operating system. Here is a screenshot of my System folder using a theme called Poison by Mr GRiM!
  2. I have no clue what is on Windows 10 Creators Update as I have been on RS3 for so long now. I am currently running build 16226, and I must say they keep getting better, and better. So, in Settings they now have these really cool effects.
  3. Direct Download link http://download.windowsupdate.com/c/msdownload/update/software/secu/2017/06/windows10.0-kb4022725-x64_f4468667fb546204531ff9b88ef9b8b095a26786.msu
  4. Yes, it does have some issues.
  5. This works reasonably well in build 16199.
  6. How about "Can be filled."
  7. Yea, we shouldn't forget OldNewExplorer. May it rest in peace.
  8. Is this project still under development?
  9. ONE is NOT working at all on new Insider Build 16193.
  10. Hey whatever the OS wants to contact is OK. I keep the viruses out, but I want my OS to operate as intended. I do realize that some people do not like communication, but I am fine with it. All is good. I am running build 16184 with Aeroglass 1.4.6. No transparency, but my 3rd party themes are right. No message boxes at startup from aeroglass stating incompatibility. No water marks. I do not expect any build I am using to have any transparency on the borders again since BM does not support Insider Previews, but I am alright with that. Just so long as there are no errors or anything. Aeroglass is a royal pain anyway. The colors seem to change when I switch themes, and since I like the borders of windows in the foreground to be the same color as the ones in the background, it can be a real headache. But, like I said, I have a very nice setup with the newest Insider Preview. I think it works much better than the Creators Update. My themes work very well, and all is good.
  11. Ya think? But he's still a good guy.
  12. This is how it is in Windows 10.
  13. Thank MrGRiM!
  14. In /Windows/Resources/Themes open the theme you are using, and replace the shell directory with this one. https://mega.nz/#!sER0hL6D!SBPrI6HrFVWMSyr7bN-W00VeX7QdbKIKncK05Wd1xdQ Switch to a different theme first such as Windows default.
  15. I am already beyond Creators Update. Aeroglass is always iffy on Insider builds. I haven't actually had any border transparency in ages. You get used to it. I run aeroglass to facilitate my 3rd party themes, but many times I need to have a previous version installed. For example I am running 4.6 now on build 16176. No watermark, and no error on start stating incompatibility. Getting all the borders set with the right transparency, the right color, etc. is a real pain in the a**. It can actually screw up at any given moment even with the correct aeroglass version running with the correct build. So, I just putz along with transparent start menu, and taskbar, and themeable borders. I am happy!
  16. If you just want to fix 3rd party themes to get rid of boxes around the windows captions, and do not really care about transparency, v1.4.6 works just fine.
  17. Whether it makes sense or not, I am using build 15063 as my main drive, at least until rs3 comes out, and I have aeroglass working on it. I believe that people should have the opportunity to discuss what they are doing with 15063, and any failures or successes they have had along the way. Actually it makes perfect sense to have this thread.
  18. Is this abandonware now?
  19. Ultra Uxtheme Patcher is not a virus. It is a program which replaces the orginal themeui.dll, UXInit.dll, and uxtheme.dll files in System32 with patched ones. It creates backups of your originals, and renames theme with a .bak extension. It is also reversable (uninstallable.) If you install Windows 10 in a VM, and run the patcher you can copy these files to a folder. Then, you do not need the patcher to replace them. Simply take ownership of the original files, rename, and replace them yourself. Of course, if you have no idea what you are doing, and do not follow other patching steps, or use the wrong themes for your build, you can definitely log on to an unusable desktop.
  20. OK, you are right. IE will continue to receive security updates, but IE 11 is the last version there will be.
  21. IE? That is not even supported any more. I say Chrome of course because in my opinion it is the most intuitive, fastest, easiest to use browser out there. I install a new OS at least once a week, and sometimes more for testing purposes. All I need do is run the installer, and the latest, greatest Chrome is installed. I then sign in, and all my extensions, bookmarks, passwords, everything are all there ready for me to use as if it were not even a new install. It is just simply awesome. Believe me, I have tested others, and found them all lacking. The only one with potential is Edge, but it is not a finished product yet. It is getting there though.
  22. Interesting. I use Chrome of course, and it downloads as a .7z file. I open it with WinRAR, and extract. Actually, I just right-click, and choose to extract. I do have a portable copy of 7zip, but I find it troublesome to use.