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  1. just move the donation.key file to AeroGlass folder, then restart your computer
  2. When it's going to be release stable version??
  3. Never mind, I got it working genecooper
  4. thank you for the reply genecooper but i don't want to use a test version i want to enable glass shiny atlas resource without AeroGlassGUI tool
  5. i would like to know how do i enable glass shiny atlas resource without installer?
  6. try restart computer to see it if there's no watermark
  7. ::bump:: still waiting for reply Edit: Never mind, i got it working by reading the guide
  8. thanx for the reply Big Muscle, i would like to know which registry key to change inactive window border color? is it ColorizationColorBalanceInactive or ColorizationColorInactive, i don't know which one?
  9. ::bump:: still waiting for reply!!
  10. can someone teach me how to change inactive window color border please? thank you
  11. here is the correct page: http://www.glass8.eu/sign/
  12. ok thanks for the reply MrGRiM