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  1. @bigmuscle I would seriously consider dropping support for 'Modern Frame' in Aero Glass (just like you did for 32bit Windows versions) and instead focus all energies on making solid/timely releases for Win32 apps for the bi-annual Windows updates. IMHO, there are just too many potential issues and conflicts for Modern Frame (e.g. fluent design conflicts, and apps that merge their UI into the title bar. like Edge and Skype). Your time and skills are precious. Focus them on what matters most... -JT
  2. Thank you BIG MUSCLE for your continued and timely (experimental) update for the W10 Fall Creators Update! I just donated an extra 10€ to support your efforts... -JT
  3. It was stated in the latest change log that support has now been dropped for 32-bit systems... < http://www.glass8.eu/out/changelogRS2.txt >
  4. Congratulations Big Muscle! The latest v1.5.5.953 release is working great and has fixed the detached Chrome tab issue! Many thanks! -JT
  5. Congratulations Big Muscle! The latest v1.5.5.953 release is working great and has fixed the detached Chrome tab issue! Many thanks! -JT
  6. FYI, the crashes I've been experiencing when a dragging off a Chrome browser tab are easily reproducible on both of my Creators Update machines. Here are the steps required to consistently create an aeroglass dwm.exe crash by detaching a Chrome tab: 1) Open Chrome Browser, 2) Create 2 or more tabs on a single window, 3) Click and hold either of the non-leftmost tabs and drag it downwards to detach it from the main window, 4) screen freezes temporarily and then dwm.exe crashes and reloads, creating a mini-dump file every time. Notes: Dragging off non-leftmost tabs upwards or sideways does NOT produce a crash. Dragging off the leftmost tab, in any direction, does NOT produce a crash. The new aeroglass, otherwise, is running stable on my machines. I'm not using any custom atlas or themepack. I've installed aeroglass using the 'schedule.bat' method (so it's not running on modern app frames). Here is a minidump I just created using the above steps: https://www.dropbox.com/s/oi819lfclqkzoq2/minidump-08-19-15-41-08.7z Thanks for looking into this BIg Muscle (and NoeIC or anyone else helping him!) -JT
  7. Thanks for looking into this and discovering the similarity!
  8. Hi Big Muscle, For the AeroGlass crash/bug when a Chrome Brower tab is detached (when windows are underneath the original browser page) reported by me and several others; Please find below, a sample minidump file/link (.dmp gets created with each crash). (Hopefully, this is related to the earlier bug you found and fixed). Cheers, -JT https://www.dropbox.com/s/revb7e2qyn1vvqs/Aeroglass-minidump-08-15-21-09-59.7z
  9. I'm also experiencing intermittent DWM.exe crashes when Chrome browser tabs are detached (tab dragged off a window to form a new window). Otherwise, I'm really happy with the new build. Thank you Big Muscle - much appreciated!
  10. Thank you very much Big Muscle for releasing the latest 64-bit Aeo Glass version! Your skills and efforts here are very much appreciated! Please consider crowdfunding or asking this community for financial help for developing future Windows version releases!! We will happily support you in releasing timely builds - Just Ask! -JT
  11. OMG - An Official Aero Glass Build for the Creators Update has been posted by Big Muscle!
  12. For anyone looking for a definitive installation guide to installing the current 'debug' version of Aero Glass for Windows 10 Creators Update, check out this post on WinAero: http://winaero.com/blog/aero-glass-windows-10-creators-update/ Note that one can easily 'Move/Minimize and Hide' the annoying dwm.exe debug console window+taskbar icon to another virtual 'desktop' using the Windows 10 'Task View' feature. Also, I used the SplashImage command in an AutoHotkey script to hide the annoying AeroGlass Watermarks on all my active monitors. I really hope Big Muscle can step up and communicate with the community he created here. The current debug version is working really well on all my Creators Update machines. Why not just release it as a 'Beta' version and get rid of all the debug crap? Also, Big Muscle, if you need more financial resources to make this project viable for you, why don't you just ask the community to pitch in again? I (and many others) would be perfectly happy to donate another $20 (even for each new Windows release) to get timely releases going again!! I just hate the flat/ugly non-transparent Windows 10 look - and so do MANY others! Just ask for what you need to keep this project going - but please don't flake out and communicate nothing, and leave us all hanging in limbo for months on end! -JT
  13. Thank you, Troy. Please DO share your theme when finished! Is it easy for one to tweak the 'Window Border' thickness? (I kind of like the default W10 1-pixel thinness) -JT
  14. OldNewExplorer 1.1.8

    Many thanks for posting this! I just installed v1.1.8.2 and it is also working normally on my Creator's Update machine as well! -JT
  15. Thanks for this info UCyborg! Oh and BTW, I'm curious as to why/how de-registering the DLL only disables the modern/UWP frames and not ALL of the AeroGlass transparency effects? Can anyone explain this?