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  1. siginet, First off great idea on the multi winnt-sifs. also my account is not working properly at: same login name: choman i have been trying to use the new multi, but I have been running into a auto-logon issue and I am not yet sure of what is causing it. I would be willing to assist with the new manual but my time is limited. Definitely will chime in when I can. A few things I would like cleared up are: 1) Do I still need to use the Winnt SIF directory option in the Unattended section 2) Can I store the multiple sifs in a single directory, such as sifs/computer1.sif sifs/computer2.sif or do I need to split them out into separate directories computer1/winnt.sif computer2/winnt.sif Issues, I think I found an issue with the boot name, in that sometimes it will only take 3 characters (for example: HMOP). Suggestion, since 1 is the bare minimum of multiple. Wouldn't it make sense to merge or collapse the multi-winnt.sif with the "Unattened Section"? That would help keep all the sifs under one directory, provided I can store them in one directory (which would be nice) I am sure this is clear as mud and hopefully understandable since I am very tired thanks to the great party I was at. Anyways let me know. choman
  2. I also am looking forward to the release of Beta 2. I have ran into a few issues with the tri-pack, both duing the intall phase (not integration). I would like to see Beta 2 before I rample on just in case they are resolved. But real quick, they both appear during the runonce phase. So after the first login. The first, just annoying but a missing nlite.inf file (not using nlite, but I am using the RVM_Integrator) and the really annoying is with bashrat's DP. I get a "bad signing logo" on quite a few drivers. I think for of these are due to the tri-pack split. I am still trying a few things, but any ideas? Either way, cannot wait for Beta 2