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  1. Oh, nice! In all my years of using Windows, I never once knew about DOSKEY. This version has tab completion which will help a lot. I'll also check out those other tools. I did also find a bash shell for Windows that doesn't depend on Cygwin or MSYS, and it works pretty well. Has anyone gotten any version of Git to run on Windows 9x?
  2. One thing that's a bit annoying when using the command-line on DOS/Win9x is that there's no tab completion or command-line history (except that you can left-arrow to retype your last command, which isn't all that useful). Most shells including bash and Windows NT CMD allow you to use the Tab key to autocomplete filenames and allow you to scroll through your command-line history using the arrow keys. Also, the buffer size is 50 lines max, which is very small. I'm wondering if there's any software available which can provide these missing features to the DOS command line and make it easier to use.
  3. What benefit does using 64-bit Firefox over 32-bit Firefox give you? Unless you've got like 1000 tabs open with open, you shouldn't need more than 4 GB of RAM in a browser.
  4. I have this one installed on Pale Moon 26.5.0, and says it's compatible with Firefox 3.0 and higher, and Seamonkey 2.0 and higher.
  5. Yes. As long as it was clean-room written from scratch without using any leaked Win2K source code, then it's perfectly legal. ReactOS and Wine fall into the same category. Wow, this is amazing! I never dreamed someone would be able to completely re-implement kernel32.
  6. I use Flash player even on modern versions of Windows. There's a Firefox extension that can force YouTube to use Flash. There's always less buffering, and the video consistently has smoother playback with Flash. I don't know why the HTML5 player is so slow. I guess there's always the alternative of streaming the video to VLC, but that's cumbersome to set up, and it often has audio sync issues. Sadly, I don't know of such an extension for Opera 12, so YouTube is now choppy for me on Windows 98.
  7. *sigh* I just came back to this forum after a rather long break, and this bug still exists. Come on! Do things ever get fixed around here?
  8. What about doing it KernelEx style and patching the system in memory at boot time, rather than modifying system files on disk? I'm not sure if this is possible given that XP is NT-based and different from Windows 9x, but I do like the KernelEx way of enabling extensions on a per-app basis and an easy way of completely disabling it at startup.
  9. A few pages back, there was a discussion about open source and not being able to distribute modified binaries, so I was just offering a suggestion about that.
  10. Dibya, although you can't redistribute modified binaries, you can still make the project open source if you just post the code for the implemented functions and scripts that can patch in the functions on an existing XP system. I think that would be a good idea. Not everyone trusts running some hacked binary that someone put together without knowing exactly what changes were made to it.
  11. Yes, I already have the UAA driver. I think Service Pack 2 installed it. I am able to hear sound through headphones, so the driver is there. However, the internal speakers refuse to play.
  12. Yep, I double and triple checked the volume levels, and everything seems right, and there are no yellow exclamation points anywhere in Device Manager, but I can only hear sound by plugging in headphones, with the exception of the extremely soft startup and login sounds. I tried various versions of the driver, all with the same result. I just now upon logging in that the startup sound started to play, but went silent about half way through, as if something stopped it.
  13. It's also about hardware. Trying to browse this forum on a Raspberry Pi, low-end smartphone, or netbook is just dog-slow. A forum site should not require a 2 GHz processor for a decent viewing experience. Disabling Javascript helps a bit, but I think most of IP Board's bloat comes from CSS. There seems to be some expensive blending effect going on to make the site display the user's theme color.
  14. If you're happy with your current phone, then there's no reason to switch. I use a Lumia 520, which is fairly low end, and it does what I need it to do. The only problem is that IE11 on Windows Phone 8.1 is very unstable, and the only other alternative, Opera Mini, is even slower and buggier. I normally use a desktop or laptop for browsing rather than my 4-inch phone, so this isn't much of an issue for me.