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  1. To briefly respond to Destro without derailing this thread, if you want some reasons for going back to Windows XP, especially the x86-64 edition, I think usability and customizability would be the main reasons! I wrote something about this here on the Pale Moon forums, and I also highly recommend the reviews of Nathan Lineback at his Toasty Technology Page! If you want to discuss this further, I recommend you create a new topic on the relevant forum, but best of luck!
  2. Windows XP Spotter (the club)

    I wasn't able to take a photo, but I just flew halfway across Canada, and every airport here runs Windows XP on their computers at the stands where they inspect your boarding passes just before boarding! And most of them use the default Fisher Price Luna theme!
  3. So I missed Dave saying he found an automatic user agent string switcher, but I have tested quite a number of them and the best I've found is called "UAControl" (the latest version, Very nice UI, easy to use, and it works perfectly for me on Facebook! This is the string I am sending to www.facebook.com: Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 6.1; rv:52.5) Gecko/20100101 Firefox/52.5 Notice that I have corrected the default string which has the incorrect minor version number (52.0 instead of 52.5 for some reason). Also, I am spoofing Windows 7 for this site, but I have no need to WOW the site with my fake 64-bit capabilities! Facebook's UA sniffing here actually does make sense - for the average users who are unaware of this unsupported Firefox plugin, we would indeed require Flash to play videos on Windows Vista or earlier since it's not natively supported below Windows 7. I just thank God, Adobe, mixit, and others that we have this and it still works though, because the Flash plugin performance on Facebook is absolutely horrible, at least on my machine!
  4. Hi Dave, Just posting to report that I'M NOT CRAZY AFTER ALL!! Or at least I wasn't imagining functional GIPHY GIFs on Facebook in Firefox on Windows XP! I was just browsing Facebook, saw a GIF and it didn't work, as I expected, so I clicked the "open externally" icon and it was fine. I then saw the plugin icon to the left of the location bar, between the globe and padlock icons, so I clicked on it, then clicked the "continue allowing" option. I scrolled back up to the GIF, clicked on it, and it worked again! In-line, on the page, just like before! It's strange how it seems intermittent, but I think this confirms once again that H.265 or not, GIPHY animated GIFs on Facebook do in fact work properly with the Flash plugin! (Sometimes) Since you haven't had success, I haven't any ideas other than updating and ensuring it's enabled in all ways (I'm using the latest Shockwave Flash version on the latest Firefox ESR 52.3 on Windows XP SP3) Best of luck everyone!!
  5. Hi Dave, I assume you've done more research into this issue than I have so you're probably right about the H.265 thing. I just found another "animated GIF" on Facebook and tried it out to prove you wrong but you were right! It doesn't work! I seriously could swear that the GIFs worked fine when I had Flash enabled, but now Facebook has changed and is no longer even *asking* to enable Flash. As I am really quite sure it worked until today, I suspect they've disabled the Flash support as a part of their big update today which copies Twitter in making all the profile pictures and text fields round! The GOOD news is that if I simply click the "open externally" icon at the bottom left, the actual GIF will open in a new tab! I'm very happy to see Facebook's GIF feature is using actual GIFs, so I can see them even if I can't see them embedded in the actual page.
  6. Hi Dave, My apologies for the delayed response! I have serendipitously stumbled upon what should be the solution to your problem! Some time ago, I noticed that Facebook had the little plugin icon to the left of the location bar, which upon clicking, asked me if I wanted to continue allowing the Shockwave Flash plugin to run on the site. I thought no, there is no good reason to allow it. I was very confused as to why they'd even ask, as I was pretty sure that Facebook videos not only were capable of running in the "HTML5" player, but that the Flash player had been completely removed. So I went on my way for perhaps a week or more without any issue having the Flash player disabled on the site. I thought "they must have been somehow using it to spy or extract more information from me!" I then started noticing that "GIFs" were not playing on the site! They would appear I think as you described, just blank white squares, and I didn't discover they would play no matter how I clicked on them! Of course "animated GIFs" are rarely implemented as one might expect — as files in Compuserve's venerable, incredibly well-established and well-supported Graphics Interchange Format these days. On Facebook, Twitter, and Imgur, they are instead implemented as some sort of newer video format, such as H.264. As you mentioned, it is possible that Facebook has implemented them in H.265, and I couldn't find out if this format is supported by the Flash player (everything that came up in my search were just feature requests!) In any case, when I re-enabled the Flash plugin, hoping that was all the "animated GIFs" required to work, I was happy to see they did! (likely after refreshing the page) Anyway, TL;DR: make sure the Shockwave Flash plugin is enabled in your browser (and up-to-date, as it may be using the H.265 format for some reason) and Facebook's "animated GIFs" should work without a problem! Hope this helps!
  7. Thanks for the clarifications! Not everyone knows the hidden meaning of the percent sign, so that's appreciated! There is a nice article called "Command shell overview" in the Windows XP Help system which explains environmental variables and lists the built-in ones.
  8. Archiving Completed Outlook Tasks

    Just in case anyone is wondering, I have found that the best way to do this is by simply selecting and manually dragging tasks to the tasks folder in the Archive Personal Storage Table. I still would think there would be a more automatic way to do this, but alas, there is not. Hope this helps someone!
  9. I just got a popup for the new Firefox 52 ESR! I clicked on the release notes and find this: "Removed support for Netscape Plugin API (NPAPI) plugins other than Flash. Silverlight, Java, Acrobat and the like are no longer supported." But also this: "Migrated Firefox users on Windows XP and Windows Vista operating systems to the extended support release (ESR) version of Firefox." The updater links to the mainstream Firefox 52 Release Notes. I searched for Firefox ESR Release Notes and they don't seem to exist! I don't understand this, since they have release notes for every other version of Firefox so why not the ESR? Is NPAPI support the only thing that differs for the mainstream Firefox 52? Do I just trust this is the case? Can anyone confirm that NPAPI plugins other than Shockwave Flash operate in this new release? Thanks!
  10. Windows Backup Solution

    Hi everyone, I see I never replied to this topic, but just for anyone who is wondering, I did end up purchasing the full version (actually a four-license deal) of Macrium Reflect, and am very happy with it. It is quite user-friendlly, gets regular updates, pretty good support, and is extremely configurable. I usually go with the nicest-looking programs, but in the case of backups, I can't sacrifice the robustness of the system in any way! It does have a good UI however. It was about $170 IIRC but is totally worth it IMO.
  11. Just to clarify for everyone, Windows XP and Vista are both being automatically switched to the Extended Support Release channel and can continue to use plugins to their heart's content and receive security updates for the lifespan of Firefox 52 ESR.
  12. Ipv6 tunneling and Windows XP

    It is strange indeed! I don't know of an IPv6-only Web site, but you'd think those tests would be accurate. All I have for you is this screenshot (check out the status bar). I have witnessed this on Wikipedia and increasingly on Google.
  13. Ipv6 tunneling and Windows XP

    Thanks! Looks like my system fails both tests, although the second one say my ISP doesn't support IPv6. Strange after seeing IPv6 addresses loading in the status bar! (Usually on Google.com but Wikipedia too I believe)
  14. Ipv6 tunneling and Windows XP

    I'm just a user, but even using MSIE 8, [edit: even using MSIE 6!] I now often see IPv6 addresses in the status bar when loading Google, so it just works for me when Web browsing at least. Not sure if that is even what you are talking about but that is my experience!
  15. Sorry for quoting this whole post but I can't figure out how to edit it; it seems like the interface has changed to be nonstandard, i.e., there is no way to turn off "preview" mode! I love the MSFN community, but the forum software is just too much! I wish they'd let the users CHOOSE how they'd like it to work! </rant> Anyway, sorry for the delayed reply! I believe you need both plugins; the toggle it just to get things to reset. Disabling the YouTube Flash Video Player extension is not necessary. I personally recommend the YouTube Center extension, as it does a lot more than just specify "HTML5" or Flash player; you can customize many features you didn't even know existed! I actually find performance to be quite a lot better in the HTML5 player, and it also has the speed adjustment feature, but we all have our own setup! Firefox 50 has completely blocked unsigned extensions with no override, which means the old extension doesn't work anymore, but you can download the UserScript version which can be installed in the GreaseMonkey extension! I have gone through the whole Internet Explorer/Firefox/Opera/Chrome thing so here's the deal, as I understand it: MP4 Video is now being embedded DIRECTLY by Twitter and other sites, instead of calling a plugin like Apple QuickTime, Windows Media Player, Macromedia Flash Player, etc. This means that they either expect the Web browser or the operating system to be able to handle the video. Because H.264 MP4 video has been added to the new "Media Foundation", the new multimedia platform in Windows Vista and later, it can handle video by itself. This is the replacement for DirectShow/ActiveMovie (used in Windows 95 to present), which was designed for MPEG-1 and as an ActiveX plugin for Internet Explorer, which itself is the replacement for the Video for Windows platform which uses AVI. Firefox however, has these wonderful plugins which allow these videos to be played on computers running OSes without Media Foundation. Google Chrome also has video codecs built in so it can play videos on Twitter, one of the proprietary components it adds to the open-source Chromium base. Even though Opera is based on Chromium, it lacks the codecs that Google has when it builds its version of the browser. I hope that helps! I think someone earlier had this question too. If any of the configuration settings in about:config do not exist, you must create them! After adding all those necessary, restarting a couple of times, toggling the plugins on and off, and dancing under the full moon, all videos should play without a hitch! Thomas