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  1. photoshop 7 always! it kicks a**!
  2. kobe is obviously innocent...all he did was adultury not rape... this is really
  3. dog

  4. yeah..i dont plan on working there for the rest of my life....
  5. i like persephone...(i think that's how you spell it) the french girl who takes them to the keymaker!! w00t
  6. the easter egg!! lol....*lets go hunting*
  7. hahha..bob is cool!!
  8. yeah..i downloaded it..watched it million of
  9. what icon are you talkinf about? im still confused..
  10. ahahhah..theyre so gullible...stupid spam companys!!
  11. thats good.. my parents hate it when i overload the internet by download too much!!
  12. hmm...i dont know about the 9900's yet.. but the 9800's are really good!!
  13. yea..that should work i like your avatar emuman!!
  14. this happened with my sister before...except on xp pro...her modem was keep on redialing every 5-10 i deleted the isp dialer...reinstalled and it doesnt happen anymore...
  15. call both the isp and the dad and give em hell!!