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  1. I have a game called SBK2000. Its meant for 95/98 which is I guess why it doesnt work on my machine which is 2000. I have directx9. I tried to get it to work round my gf house but it was REAL slow. shes got dx9 too now. So i tried to use my voodoo II accelerator which was lying about but its not detected properly in DirectX but I think is happy as larry from a driver point of view (used the oem cd). I tried to run dx install again, I think it found the card as a 2nd display, but didnt make no diff to the game. I ran the dxsetup again actually, and the voodoo display dissapeared (driver seemed to load fine though). I presumed this is a problem with there being two displays. I think because one of them, is the agp card which is a 4mb something like a diamond stealth 3d 2000 or something (its naff). When i tried the game with this alone it was really naff, you could see it refresh every sec.... So my dileamma....I have a virge card, which i could always put in as the primary display, and then see if i get the voodoo2 finally working with directx (which obciously aint happy for some reason). Or I give up with it and put in a swappable disk into my computer, so I can run up 98 just so I can play this game!!! I wanted to see if GF computer could run games tho, as its not a bad piece of kit - an old AMD 1100 unit which I decided to give her. Is it worth the hassle ????.....oh Im so persistant, comes from being in IT. ToneZ