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  1. Because it was specifically made for that. Older versions used Modernframe.dll, then BM moved that function to DWMGlass.dll.
  2. Then don't ask for support. At least have that decency. Also, on a second thought, you might need some education. Warez/Piracy is not ok. If you do it, don't complain about issues you encounter.
  3. @fsjwiajdm : all the options there need to be turned on in Colors. RS1 adds a new one there as well. Upgrading to RS1 (14393) should be easy, just update your windows. If not, grab an ISO from Microsoft and do upgrade from within Windows. The taskbar will be Win10 style, you need a custom Start Menu like Start10, Classic Shell etc. When you install AeroGlass, there's a setting that needs to be turned off, see pic. Donating will remove watermark and popups. I assume you want something like this, see 2nd pic. This is my customised Win.
  4. @fsjwiajdm : taskbar transparecy is achieved by turning on a setting in Settings/Personalization/Colors. Rounded borders are available when a skin is used, such as this Aero 7 Themes for Win10 Final Win7 like buttons are when you use OldNewExplorer. Also, you are using TH2 (10586), latest stable build is RS1 (14393). When you donate, you will receive a key, which makes the watermark dissapear.
  5. Windows updated, 14393.953, DWM doesn't know how to hook (0x5). AG works correctly though. [2017-03-14 20:54:56][0x35C:0x12A8] DllGetClassObject CLSID {DDC05A5A-351A-4E06-8EAF-54EC1BC2DCEA}, IID {00000001-0000-0000-C000-000000000046} [2017-03-14 20:54:56][0x35C:0x12A8] Hook (USER32.dll!CreateWindowInBandEx from ApplicationFrame.dll) installed [2017-03-14 20:54:56][0x35C:0x12A8] Delayed hook (ext-ms-win-ntuser-window-l1-1-1.dll!CreateWindowExW from ApplicationFrame.dll) installed [2017-03-14 20:54:56][0x35C:0x12A8] Hook (GDI32.dll!StretchDIBits from ApplicationFrame.dll) installed [2017-03-14 20:54:56][0x35C:0x12A8] DllGetClassObject CLSID {DDC05A5A-351A-4E06-8EAF-54EC1BC2DCEA}, IID {00000001-0000-0000-C000-000000000046} [2017-03-14 20:55:11][0x1B4:0xE70] DWM incompatibility error 0x5
  6. Check your debug log, see what it says in there.
  7. You don't recieve one. You download one from here : http://glass8.eu/sign/
  8. Here you go http://glass8.eu/files/setup-wrs-1.5.1.exe
  9. You're welcome, i had the same issue
  10. @Katsinwater It's not about Windows, it's about a specific bug in DWMGlass.dll, see here
  11. I can confirm @bigmuscle. Now all my apps work, thank you!
  12. It killed the modern apps, reg/unregging does nothing Reverted to 1.5.1, same issue.
  13. Just to clarify, Win10 14393 = v1607 = Redstone 1. There's no Redmond name anywhere. Next version will be Redstone 2, somewhere in march/april.
  14. Download the donation.key and move it to Aeroglass' folder.