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  1. Check your debug log, see what it says in there.
  2. You don't recieve one. You download one from here : http://glass8.eu/sign/
  3. Here you go http://glass8.eu/files/setup-wrs-1.5.1.exe
  4. You're welcome, i had the same issue
  5. @Katsinwater It's not about Windows, it's about a specific bug in DWMGlass.dll, see here
  6. I can confirm @bigmuscle. Now all my apps work, thank you!
  7. It killed the modern apps, reg/unregging does nothing Reverted to 1.5.1, same issue.
  8. Just to clarify, Win10 14393 = v1607 = Redstone 1. There's no Redmond name anywhere. Next version will be Redstone 2, somewhere in march/april.
  9. Download the donation.key and move it to Aeroglass' folder.
  10. It is enabled. Tried with it and without it.
  11. I see, i'll try Winaero Tweaker, thanks! LE : tried both methods, didn't work. Winaero shows the selected color there, but it's not applied. Same for the registry, key is there, but no worky. It's getting frustrating.
  12. So i managed to f*** up even Win trying to modify to my liking the colours. I want both windows to have the smokey black of vista/7s colours. How the hell can i do that? Also, no inactive win, i want both windows to share same colour. Win version is 14393.447, if that matters, and using clsharp 4.2/4.4. Thank you! I want active colour like this post on both
  13. It's the debug windowses, as this version is debug one. One is for main process, aerohost, and the other one is for modern frame transparency for apps. Do a virtual desktop, then move them there.
  14. Well, tried some custom setings, they are applied. Haven't restarted yet. Oh, and apps are not transparent. I'll restart now to see how it goes. After restarting, my custom thingies seem to stick, apps are not transparent. All in all, i could live a few weeks like this, so thanks BM for the new build. I was expecting this particulary, i held off upgrade specifically for this.
  15. Yes, did that, i've got transparency. Works though. Clsharp theme does not.