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  1. I do not use Opera as a primary browser, so I cannot comment. Would 12.18 work with the PPAPI plugin instead? You may find this link interesting: I typically use Chrome and Firefox, and IE 8 to a lesser degree.
  2. Beta channel has been updated to, and is confirmed working with Google Chrome on Windows XP. Chrome 45 and newer PPAPI: Chrome 44 and older NPAPI:
  3. Since Microsoft won't go out of its way to notify you of unannounced XP patches, you should regularly visit and then sort by "Last Updated" column. Querying Windows XP won't work, it will give you all the results since the beginning of time including SP1/SP2, so you should search by "XP SP3" I wasn't aware of the June 10, Cumulative Security Update for Internet Explorer 8 for Windows XP SP3 (KB4018271) until I saw it there, and also on this thread.
  4. According to Opera 36.0.2130.65 is the most recent officially supported version on XP/Vista, and I do not see that 36.0.2130.80 download here: Have you tried it to see if it completely works without errors? If you read the comments here, success with XP seems to be hit or miss:
  5. To clarify, to add something to the archive, you go to and in the "Save Page Now" box, paste the link of the directory where the download is located Very Important: You cannot paste the entire link including the EXE or it won't work. Just paste the directory where the EXE is located; the EXE and all content in that directory will also be archived. So, when I archived Opera 36, I pasted, and because Opera_36.0.2130.65_Setup.exe is located in that directory, the EXE also got archived.
  6. These were already archived on March 7: x86 English: x86 International: x64 English: x64 International: To add your own pages to the archive, paste the address into the "Save Page Now" box on
  7. The WayBack Machine is not going anywhere. It launched in 1996, and is classified as a 501 (c) (3) non-profit library. It was classified as a library by the state of California in 2007.
  8. Best Buy still sells Windows XP compatible wireless adapters. Best Buy is like a candy store if you like electronics. I highly recommend Netgear because they have a excellent track record of providing legacy backward compatibility, even with their newest products. I just bought a N600 (WNDA3100) last month for a laptop that needed access to WPA2 networks, the old G cards are spotty at best. The Netgear only requires a Pentium 300MHz with USB 1.1 or 2.0 port. This model has over 1900 reviews on, with 4.5/5 overall rating, and 93% of customers would recommend it.
  9. No need to panic; I just added that page to the Internet Archive (aka WayBack Machine). The download associated with it has also been archived.
  10. I don't believe any exist. I think your best bet is to set up a guest virtual machine of XP on whatever operating system you are using. Then XP could use the host operating system's drivers. Download Windows XP Mode from Official Microsoft Download Center Windows 7: Load and Configure Windows XP Mode If you don't already own a 10 Gbps adapter,I would recommend Intel:
  11. j7n If you refer to my post above, you will see I got WinRAR 5.50 beta running on Windows 2000. This was originally Windows 2000 RTM from February 2000. The only updates I used were Service Pack 4, the Service Pack 4 Security Rollup (SRP), and the UURollup from 2014. I am not sure if WinRAR 5.50 would run without those major updates. I prefer those updates (minimum SP4) because they improve functionality and stability of the system. You CANNOT install just the UURollup! Many people think you will get all the updates by doing so, but you will not. It's only a 46MBfile and does not include all of the updates of SP4 and the SRP.
  12. I think software developers are finding that their old software is living on longer than they anticipated, or would have liked. Even more important, the continued hacking risks online (WannaCry, ShadowBrokers, etc) mean they are supporting these popular software titles longer than they would have liked. Unsupported operating systems that get hacked pose a risk to the Internet as a whole. The Office 2003 update you mentioned is unprecedented, since Office 2003 fell out of extended support the same day as XP (4/8/2014). The updates also cover Office 2007, whose end of support is approaching on 10/10/2017; Microsoft extended this back in 2012. June 13, 2017, update for Microsoft Office
  13. The latest Silverlight 5.1.50907 still working on XP. Released June 13, 2017. Required for Netflix and other sites if you're not using HTML5. Standalone link: (alternate: Silverlight Release History.htm#SL_5_1_50907
  14. Monroe The NPAPI installer for old versions of Chrome is the same download file as for Firefox. Chrome ended all NPAPI support including Flash beginning with version 45, Firefox 52 also ended NPAPI support for most plugins except Flash. When you run the Internet Explorer ActiveX, Firefox/Legacy Chrome NPAPI, and Chrome 45 + PPAPI installers, all of the extracted files end up in your C:\WINDOWS\system32\Macromed\Flash directory.
  15. You can also use this for Chrome 44 versions and older which do not support PPAPI.