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  1. Hmm. Thanks. Now i understand.
  2. Are u look for file USBHUB20.SYS 4.90.3000?
  3. but ME have native usb2... and also usb1.0 is up to 12 mbit in ful speed mode even in 95.
  4. today i insert in my second comp (which p3) old (96/98 year) Intel PCI 100M Ethernet card. special for tests... at first, i run test toool PCATTCP on p3 with 100M PCI card working under 98, and realtek 150M wifi on Core i7 under 7. traffic run via Zyxel Keeenetic DSL router (4x 100M ports and 300 Mbiit wifi). i get that results: 94 Mbits when "pcattcp -u -t" runned on i7 (UPload from i7, i7 is generate traffic, limited 100M PCI card on p3) and 66 Mbits in revert direction (pcattcp -s -c runned on i7, DOWNload to i7, p3 generate traffic, limited p3 performance?). its matched to 10/7 Mbytes/sec... here is UDP test, in TCP mode results is lower. after this, i repeat test with ralink wifi on i7 under 98 (i now can run usb on i7 with 98 using wdmstub, nusb and usbhub20 from 2k/xp, mouse, flash and wifi now work relative good, but glicerol periodially appear again)... i get 24/66 (yes, again 66 downlink for ralink dongle, with 98 on both ends) Mbits in UDP mode between two 98 systems. on screen is i7 machine with uplink (outgoing) test. but as seen, UPlink for our ralink wifi on 98 is much less then maximum... limited by 98? but on second machine with PCI ethernet we seen stable 66, and even more, 94 mbit! after this i run pcattcp -u -c -t on p3 (infinity traffic generation from p3 to i7 at 66 mbit speed) and fast (3-5 seconds) get bsod on i7 (where used our unfficial ralink with 98)... so i think, this ralink driver have some little incompatibilities with 98 (obviously, cap? ), but in general - work very good!
  5. PCI/mPCI? i think, that no... my ralink work now good and give 250 kbytes stable. yes, its normal. wifi, bluetooth, cell modems, other high frequency radiodevices - all they relative hot when intensive used. but they not be to smoke or smell
  6. yes, u true. i not run DepWalker... now i see, how many funcs more need... sad.
  7. Hello! i use KEX many years and found it very helpfull. but as i see, focus your efforts is GUI apps. what abuot improvements running console XP apps in 9x? for sample, i want use iperf3 cygwin build in 98... ver 3 have -R key for downlink test. but its crashed with error "AttachConsole not implemented in KERNEL32.DLL". its possible add this func in KEX?
  8. no. win9x (and win3x also) network perf in general havent big diffs between other os. today my ralink is VERY GOOD work! VERY. today i havent anything problems with speed!!! i can run all tests. uplink match my adsl tariff - exactly as in my win7/2k... look on screen its was uoload test. now look on download. i cant run iperf3 on 9x for downlink test, so here present only ftp download. its kbytes, not kbites. its good speed - i first time see such wifi speed on 9x. but yeasterday iperf and other tests just not work. i does not changes on my configuration. possible today Alpha Centaury's activity is low, and this help work my wifi
  9. i possible found main problem. when i test speed on 2k, OUTGOING speed is high - its match my UPLINK, 1.5 mbit, hundreds packets per sec, as show Odyssey. but when i do test on 98, OUTGOING speed is low, very low - one-two packet per 10-20 sec!!! why??? ===== it all was about iperf test. this test just stay w/o any progress. one time after manual abort it show me speed 4 bit (not kbit!) / sec. but if i try connect to http or ftp site - i can download with speed 30-40 kbytes / sec. packets in Qdyssey runs at hundreds per sec... very strange wifi under 98...
  10. The Odyssey supplicant is not depends on any specific WiFi device. It is universal.
  11. Odyssey Client 4.56 (2007) Win9x patched MSI installer Zip 6 Mbytes. If u cant download, say, i try reupload...
  12. Have a little problem... Netcps speed test give max 800 000 bytes / sec. This match closest standart speed 6.5 Mbod but with 7/xp this device work at link 150 mbod. Why it is not connecting at 150 on 9x? I use usb2 port. when i test ordinal 10 mbit pci ethernet card, i get 2000 kbytes / sec, so this is not limit of my p3 machine. Have any ideas?
  13. maybe, but on 2k this rtwlanu_xp.sys is not work also - code 31. i will find other versions rtwlanu.. ===== tried with 2k three diff versions of rtwlanu.sys. two - latest (5 mb size, 2016) and oldest (1 mb, 2012) give code 31. third (2012, released three month later) - bsod. its first time, when i see BSOD on 2k...
  14. here i write, that buy on aliexpress new wifi dongle, how say seller, based on rtl8188... its was delivered today, and i do some tests... it's vid/pid is USB\VID_0BDA&PID_8179 (rtl8192eus), first founded product with match - TP-Link TL-WN725N Ver 2... i get driver from TP Link. checked it on my win7, and it work. driver file is rtwlanu*.sys, not rtl8192su.sys, how i think. minimal wersion windows, that req in inf file, is XP. here is no 2K version. rtl8192su.sys is not work with this device absolutely. rtwlanu.sys not req any unimplemented functions. i will try run it on 2k and me... but i have no hope. on 98 i already have code 2.
  15. I know not how attach here my verified sys file - it's too big. I say u which need version, think u can find it... Also, need use 2k/xp file, not Vista / 7 or x64 variants also, Odyssey can reject work, saying that can't connect with he's service. If so - try use kernelex and set ME mode on all exe files in Odyssey folder...