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  1. I have the same problem with the AMD Radeon HD 7700. It has supported drivers for vista but after rebooting, the drivers are disabled and device manager says (Code 43) I'm using this as a second videocard though, so if it doesn't work at all, i don't mind going back to NVidia EDIT: OK, the drivers doesn't even work with Vista! It's minimum requirement is Windows 7.. But why does it say that it supports Vista on the site? It's so sad seeing Windows Vista dying like this, it was my fav OS since day one.
  2. I'm looking for a Windows 8 Pro x64 download link for weeks now.. I don't get it why Microsoft removed everything that had to do with Windows 8 (9200 of course) Do you know any working download links for Windows 8? I can't find anything :/ thanks.
  3. Thank you so much! I'll try it later on my Windows Server 2008 installation and hope it'll work Even though i'm using a PCI videocard, i need the iGPU for the 2nd monitor since it only has 1x DVI port. EDIT: Nope, doesn't work
  4. Are you going to release a version of StartIsBack which brings back the "old" DirectUI startmenu of Windows 10? (It's still in use in server versions of Windows 10, so the code might exist on Pro/Home too! )
  5. Nice! Can you also add options to disable the XAML Jump List, Volume .. etc?! Thanks
  6. Fantastic! I was waiting for this for a long time now! I absolutely love the icon glyphs & immersive blur. Nice work
  7. Wow! Nice work! I'm so happy that people are still developing unofficial updates for Win2k. I think it's really important to keep it alive, because it's the last OS that's fully based on the classic design and was really made for desktop computing. We shouldn't forget that Windows also was a perfect PC OS. Today it's just some stuff that should run on nearly everything.